bad intentions

How come during the week I feel like I could sleep all day, but on the weekend sleeping in is not happening.

I got up at 5:45 to make Chris’ lunch (what a good wife). Then I could not go back to sleep for the life of me. I tossed and turned.

My tummy was also growling.


I got up and made my regular breakfast of oatmeal with fresh blueberries.

Which leads me to this question: Do you eat the same breakfast on the weekend as you do during the week?

My answer varies depending on what we are doing. If I’m just hanging out at the house on Saturday then I usually eat my regular oatmeal w/ blueberries. If we have plans I find something quick. Banana? Blueberry muffin? sure.

I was pretty stoked that the Casey Anthony Trial was on from 9-5 today. I had my butt firmly planted on the couch at 9am to make sure I didn’t miss a second.


I missed a major argument and the next thing I know they were recessing at like 9:30am.

Total fail. I was planning on sitting on the couch doing nothing all day.

I didn’t do anything overly exciting once I finally got off the couch.

Went grocery shopping in Chris’ truck.. which interesting since it’s a single cab. Kind of makes putting groceries in the car a little challenging, but I got it figured out.

I had intentions of making blueberry muffins, and some bread today…but. That didn’t happen either.

After eating junk and drinking ZERO ounces of water I thought it would be a grand idea to go running.

It was cloudy and I was hoping it would rain. No luck.

I busted out a little over two miles.  I  was planning on between 3-4, but my knee was developing a new pain so rather than exacerbating that I called it a day.

I came home and walked sideways on the treadmill for 10 minutes- I’ve been slacking on my PT exercises.. by slacking I mean, haven’t done any at all since my discharge.seriousfail.

I did a few other PT things, then called it a day.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, hopefully a longer run.


What did you do today? Was it as lazy as my Saturday? Any good work outs?


Peace & Hair Grease


4 thoughts on “bad intentions

  1. Msn, the Casey Anthony trial is off the wall. What a trainwreck.

    Way to play it safe with the knee. Summer is hibernation time for us southerners. No worries, you’ll be pounding the pavement in a few months when everyone up north is huddled inside.

  2. I have a few different things I eat for breakfast but Oatmeal, yogurt, protein bar or shake are the usuals.. Just depends on how much time I have.. I was just discussing this today though.. my children are spoiled. They wont eat cereal or anything for breakfast unless its cooked. They insist on a cooked meal. Drives me nuts!

    Hope the new knee pain doesnt turn into anything! If it makes you feel any better Ive been running pain free for a while now, but today had some tightness in my knee.. Figure it was just stride related though.

    My Saturday was pretty lazy too. Got in 2 short runs but otherwise accomplished nothing.

  3. I find it hard not to eat oatmeal every morning…but do occasionally branch out to something different.

    Today I spent well over 18 hours at work. Fun times.

  4. I eat oatmeal for breakfast 99% of the time. Occasionally I will make an omlett, but since I prep my oats the night before, it ends up being the easiest grab and go (or relax and eat on the weekend) meals.

    How dare they trial recess at 9:30?! Did they not know how many people probably had their day planned around that 😉 haha

    Also – I moved… to 🙂

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