I feel refreshed.

It’s 9:30pm and I’m drinking coffee.

Hi, my name is Jena, and I’m addicted to coffee.

I’ve really been sucking at the blog lately, sorry about that.

jena iq 4

This week has been extra lame in the work out department. I went running. twice. Nothing else. That is horrible.

After today’s run I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back in the running game.


Chris said he wanted to run today so we waited until 7pm and then headed out for a 2 mile run. We decided that we would focus on distance, rather than speed. Earlier this week when we ran we went out to fast, and Chris got worn out quickly, plus his breathing was a hot mess so that wasn’t helping.

I have no idea why but he was trying to take a breath with every step.. Hyperventilate much?

Today his breathing was much better, plus, it was 100 degrees out while we were running.

It was actually pouring rain. It started raining almost as soon as we started out on our run. It was also thundering & lightening, but it was pretty far away.

We went out and back 2.25 miles. Then Chris got the bike and went back out. He dropped the bike on the side of the road and ran with me a little bit more. All in all I ran 3.74 miles, which is my longest run since March.


I now completely understand why people enjoy running in the rain. It was so refreshing. There was no humidity. Man, it felt so nice. I’m hoping for rain all week so I can have more awesome runs.

I feel totally refreshed now. I’m ready to start running again… Until tomorrow when it’s hot as heck again and I’m melting a quarter mile in.


Happy Weekend

4 thoughts on “I feel refreshed.

  1. Hahah.. I love that your are hoping for rain all week! Good thing you live far away.. or I would not like that at all. You can have all the rain we’ve had here lately!!

    Congrats on a the long run!! Glad you are feeling ready to get back into the runnig grove..and I hope your knee cooperates 4-evaaa

    And also.. Idon’t know why Chris would be embarassed by that picture… you are drop dead sexy!

  2. Love love love running in the rain! The picture is a close second haha

    Ive been failing lately at the whole running thing too.. But after I run I always feel so much better so I dont know whats stopping me from just getting it done. Its funny that you mention Chris’s breathing.. Ive been focusing on mine lately. I didnt take a breath with every step, but I could feel myself starting to hyperventlate on previous runs.. I always felt crappy.. then realized what it was from.. Duh!

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