Little by little

I am happy to report that this week seems to be going by pretty quickly.
Y’all know I live for the weekends so I’m excited that it’s almost Thursday, or Thursday depending on when you read this.

Not much happened on the work front today. We saw two patients; one pre-op, and one post-op. Nothing exciting.

Did you see Cait’s post yesterday on Numbers?

If not, I think it’s definitely worth reading. As someone who struggles with numbers it hit home with me, and it was a post that I needed to read yesterday.


Daily work out

3.25 mile run on the treadmill.

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of runners despise the treadmill. It’s like a hamster just running in circles. It’s boring. No mental stimulation what so ever.

To try and kill the boredom I tried to make my run a little more interesting. It a little somthin’ like this:

.5 @ 6 (warm up)
.5 @ 6.6
.25 @ 6.3
.75 @ 7
.25 @ 6.4
.75 @ 7
.25 @6.4 (cool down)


treadmill conversion chart for your viewing pleasure. Link here to actual chart

I didn’t feel like that was enough so I did a little strength training sesh.

10 push ups
10 leg raises
20 crunches
20 shoulder press 5lb
20 bicep curls 5lb
15 tricep press 5lb

5 push ups
30 sec break
5 push up
10 leg raises
20 crunches
20 shoulder press 5lb
20 bicep curls 5lb
20 tricep presses 5lb


I also did 10 push ups while @ work today- so that is a total of 30 for the day. yay!


I really enjoyed the combination of running & some strength. I feel like I’m getting a more rounded work out. I do need to work some leg exercises into that equation as well.

baby steps, y’all.


One of the main things that helps me to deal with my numbers is to remain active, and make healthy(er) choices.

I know this is like a DUH! kind of concept, it seems so simple, and it is…but not really.

Back in March (?) Josie @ YumYucky issued a bikini body challenge. The “challenge” ends on July 1st.

When I initially read about the challenge I was intimidated. I mean, I don’t want to say I’ll do something and then not do it. So when I said I would do the challenge I was serious, I meant it.

Here is what I’ve learned in the last few months:

I’m actually a lot happier with my body than I originally thought. I’m not using that as a cop out. Like, I don’t really want to do the challenge anymore, so I’ll just say I’m okay w/ my body when I’m actually not.

No, it’s not about that at all.

Y’all see me posting pictures of myself in a bikini, and I’m okay with it.

Of course I wish there were some things that were different. There are a few place that could use some shrinkage.

I have realized that as long as I’m working out on a regular basis, and I’m making healthy choices in my food then it’s okay that my body isn’t perfect.

Let’s be real: I don’t have tons of money to invest in trainers, I don’t have tons of hours in the day to invest in working out. I also wasn’t blessed with super duper awesome model genes. and I freakin’ like ice cream and coffee. (that’s my biggest problem)

It’s a thin line between give & take. For me, it’s about compromising.

Depriving myself of things I like does not make me happy. If I could never drink a Dr. Pepper again or have a little bit better body….

I don’t know what I would choose.

There has to be a happy medium.

For some people, giving up sugar, and whatever else is okay for them. THAT makes them happy.

I’m not that person.

Does that make them better than me? Does that make them stronger than me?


It makes us different


different is what makes the world go ‘round.

For me, the challenge became not just physical but mental.

It became about self-acceptance.

Accepting that God did not give me Gisele’s body. He didn’t give me Miranda Kerr’s body. Accepting that I can’t make my rectangle shape into a triangle shape.

Discovering that:

skinny =/= healthy

healthy = healthy

happy = healthy

I’m healthy, and that makes me happy.


3 thoughts on “Little by little

  1. Awesome post Jena! Everything you have said is SO true. I admire you for getting to the point where you accept your body.. all of it.. and know that you are making the proper decision to keep it healthy.. to fuel it properly.. and to not deprive yourself of the things that you like.

    It is so sad that society places so much emphasis on physical appearance.. and skinny, model-like girls are blasted into our minds through all platforms of media. But in all honesty – that is not reality.

    Every day people are reality. The people who have good days and bad days. want to change a few things.. but work to accept themselves. I am getting to that point. It is a slow journey and I definitely digress every now and then.. but its a work in progress. Life is a work in progress 🙂

  2. You are so very right. I’m would definitely not be ashamed of your bikini body – you look great in all the photos you post!

    I’m kind of in the same boat. I’m happy enough with my body. Sure, there are areas that could use some extra help but I’m not at a point in life where I want to commit the time (or have it) to shape up just so. I have plans to get back on track with NROLFW when I get to CO, but for now I’m happy. Heck, I’m so busy at work I am proud of myself when I eat like a responsible adult! I’m happy with me, I’m healthy and that is what matters!

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