Write it down

This is short and quick. I just need to get my work out plan for the week out in the open world of interwebz. I clearly need some accountability in my life.

I’ve given very little thought to this, but at least it’s a rough suggestion of what i SHOULD do this week.

Last week was so lame, I think I ended the week w/ 8 miles? (let me go consult dailymile to find out.) Uhm yes, 8 miles.

I can only think of one word to describe this.


It’s also pathetic that my longest run in about 2 months is 4 miles. really, jena, really?

I’m going to be spending some quality time with my treadmill, I can already tell.

Sunday – uh, went to the beach. I boogie boarded, does that count?
Monday – 3 mi
Tuesday – xtrain – circuit work out or DVD or hai, maybe I could do some physical therapy exercises..what an idea
Wednesday – 4 mi
Thurs – 5 mi
Fri- going to my hometown to stay the night w/ my Bff – the only exercise that may be involved is lifting my drink to my hand. ohhai malibu & pineapple!
Saturday- I can’t commit to anything. Going to be w/ the BFF & we are going to a baby shower. Maybe we can go for a walk. BFF? what do you think? are you reading?

total 12 miles

12 miles is still laughable, I get that. But, I know my knees and they get really cranky when I ramp up the mileage to quickly. In an attempt to not further aggravate my knees I’ll SLOWLY add mileage.. Honestly, that 5 mile run on Thursday is slightly intimidating!!

I know you are just dying to know about my beach day on Sunday. I’ll try to write that tonight. Didn’t have time this morning, and last night it was not happening.



7 thoughts on “Write it down

  1. Dont feel bad.. Last week was pathetic for me too.. So pathetic in fact that I dailymile logged my “muffin intake” instead of my miles ran.. so 5 of those “miles” on my dailymile last week were just really just muffins!!! I logged 5 real miles last week.. But I did get in a few workouts and kicking practice so Im somewhat pleased.. I really need to get on the ball and get some sort of schedule for my workouts.

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