The 5k report that makes me want to cry. RAP River Run


Happy Saturday?

This morning I started my morning with a 5am wake up call. Guess what time I actually got out of bed? 6:10. Guess what time I had to leave for the 5k? 6:30. fail.

I really contemplated not even going to the race. I really wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to stay in bed. Running in the heat did not sound appealing. I knew I wasn’t going to PR so that wasn’t appealing either.

I got to the race in time to join in the Suncoast Strider’s team picture. That’s a first.

At some point before the race I realized I left my garmin at home.

major fail. My mood went from crap to even crappier.

The start of the race was a mess. They had signs that said 5 min mile, 7 min mile, 9 min mile….

but do you think anyone was using them?

No. not really? So I got stuck behind a bunch of kids & walkers. cool. real cool.

Mile 1: not good. stopped at some point to talk to this little girl who was nearly hysterical. She was sobbing and gasping for breath. I just don’t have the heart to pass a little girl that is clearly having a hard time. I mean, the girl was 8 or 9 at best. This is a huge pet peeve of mine: parents letting their young children “Run” by themselves. It’s one thing if the kid is a runner. If they enjoy running, and they actually run. It’s a whole different thing if the kid signed up bc Mom or Dad signed up and then the parents just leave them in the dust. I REALLY hate that. 3 miles is a long way. IMO, it’s to far for a child to be going by themselves. Granted, there are hundreds of people around, but still. No one can calm a hysterical child like a parent.

The girl was quite aggitated. She did not want to talk, I tried to calm her down a little. Told her to take deep breaths, before she hyperventilated. I asked her to kind of move to the side and she screamed No.. (Great, now I look like I’m trying to kidnap this kid).. Then I said do you want to try a slow jog? NO!  Do you want to go by yourself? YES


I took off again. I’m not trying to have this kid screaming at me for the next 2 miles.

mile 2: okay. since I didn’t have a watch I have absolutely no idea what my splits are

mile 3: horrible. just when I thought we were about to finish we had to go around a lake and that just pissed me off.

I’m sure my finish line picture face will say it all. I can hardly wait to see those.

It probably looks something like this:

My time was 27:16, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I was 4th in my AG.


I did get some cool new Boston Bill Sunglasses! I also got to me the gracious Sandra who provided the sunglasses for my very first giveaway!

Thanks Sandra!!

Now I’m off to bake cookies for Cait’s bake sale.


I’m not accepting that 5k time. I need a re-do. I’ll be finding a 5k to run in July… y’know, cuz it wasn’t hot enough today.


6 thoughts on “The 5k report that makes me want to cry. RAP River Run

  1. Hey now…your day started out in a pair of grumpy pants but you still managed to attempt to help a whining girl with irresponsible parents (assumptions…) and then get 4th in your AG. Thats more than I did…I spent $4.35 on candy this morning and did a little laundry – thats all. You win! 🙂

  2. Everyone has those races. and those runs.. that they just want to disappear from memory. So – just move on to the next.

    I think it is awesome that you decided to stop and try to help that little girl.. a lot of people probably would have run right past her (and I am sure many did). Sorry she had to so snippy toward you. Sometimes.. kids just never don’t see a helping hand!

    It angers me that parents would let their kids run by themselves too. NOT right. So many bad things could hapen!
    Have fun baking!

  3. Sorry today was less than stellar. 😦 Honestly though, try not to beat yourself up about it. You’ve been injured and hardly running for months, and it was wicked hot. I’m proud of you for running as well as you did. And very sweet of you to try and help that little girl. I can not imagine a parent making their kid do a 5K and then just leaving them. 3 miles is a long way for little kid!

    Hope you can somewhere find a cooler redemption race!

  4. Geez, I can’t believe a parant would leave a young kid like that to fend for themself. I agree, 5k is really far for an 8-9 year old. Kudos to you for stepping in. That was a very compassionate thing to do.

    Well, the bad days make you appreciate the good ones even more. The next has to be better.

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