It happened-

Oh Hallelujah it’s Friday!

Remember yesterday how I mentioned that Wyatt might eat the decorative pieces off the baseboard?


He didn’t.

Instead he did this:


A decorative piece would have been better actually. At least then we wouldn’t have to rip the baseboard up and replace the whole thing.

Thank goodness Chris got home before me to deal with that.

Chris was out of town all week and I’ve been dealing w/ this non-sense on my own. (I didn’t want to mention that he was gone bc you never know what kind of creepers are creepin’ on your blog!!)

There was a bone laying next to him on the floor. Two of them. One for him, one for Diva. Apparently the wall was more appealing. WTH?

Chris fixed the crate situation last night- thank goodness.

More on that another day.


I really didn’t feel like running yesterday. It was hot as hades, and I’m not down to run in that heat & blazing sun. (Tomorrow’s 5k ought to be interesting, no?  It’s an 8am start. Who does that? 7am would be better. I mean, it will still be 90*, but still.)

I really just wanted to sit on the couch and sulk about the fact that Wyatt chewed up the baseboard/wall. Instead I got on the treadmill. My original plan was 3 miles, and then as the minute wore on (and my sister called) that plan changed to 2 miles. fail. It was around 18:53, so whatever that pace is.

After a measly 2 miles I didn’t feel like that was enough so I did a few other things to make myself feel better:

10 push ups
10 chest flys on mat 8lb weights
10 fly outs on stability ball 8lb weights
20 crunches on ball
10 leg raises

I don’t know what the proper terminology of some of the things are so I just make up my own. kthanx.

I’m really not enjoying running right now, and that’s a problem considering I signed up for a half-marathon in November. I’ve run a total of 5 miles this week. Who am I kidding with that? That is just lame.

I think I’m just not liking it because of the heat. I’m a total wimp. I’m definitely a cold weather runner- which I never thought I’d say, but this last winter was perfect for running


Let’s be honest. The only reason some of you are here is to check and see if you won the Boston Bill Sunglasses.

I used a random name picker thing I found on the interwebz, so if you didn’t win. Blame that, not me.

annnnddd the winners are::::::



and it’s over.

sad face.


I’m so glad it’s the weekend. This week seems like it’s dragged on for-ev-er. and ever. and ever.

Saturday I’m running a 5k, and Sunday we are trekking across the state to go to Cocoa beach with the family. yay! We (well I) haven’t been to Cocoa, or the East Coast in a quick minute. Chris was over there for work all week.


Go big or Go Home


6 thoughts on “It happened-

  1. Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to get them and start wearing sunglasses that won’t slide off my face the minute I start to sweat!

    Sorry about Wyatt… have you ever tried treats that make him work/think? Like a buster cube, a kong filled with peanut butter or some other tasty treat (we like them frozen at our house). I really helped my dog settle down when we were leaving and his destruction ended pretty much right away. Hope you find a solution soon!

    • Ha. Ha. Ha. Yes, at this point I think a cat would be better – but I don’t really like cats, so that’s a problem.

      Do you have a piece of furniture you hate, but the Hubs won’t let you get rid of? I’ll send Wyatt right over, he’ll help you destroy it so you won’t have a choice but to get rid of it. 😉

  2. Woot!! I am so excited!! Thank you so much.

    And a big fat UGH to Wyatt. Our dog, Lucky, just recenty decided to do a little chewing on our front door frame. Freakin’ awesome!…not. She is 5 years old and have never chewed on things like that. I was livid. We bought some puppy training spray to keep her from chewing.

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