While the gettin’ is good

Today is Thursday.thankgoodness.

I feel like I haven’t blogged to much this week, but I think I only missed this morning. I don’t know. It’s been kind of a blur. I’ve been busy dealing with dog things, they really are taking up a lot of time lately.

It’s okay though, they are worth it..unless I get home today and they have chewed the decorative pieces off the base molding. then they are in big trouble. I will torture Diva with an extra long walk ūüôā

JUST KIDDING. Please don’t call PETA.


We crate Diva & Wyatt at night, and while we are at work during the day. So I put them to bed on Tuesday night, and like an idiot I gave Wyatt his nylabone. Well, he then proceeds to pick it up and drop it several times. This gets Diva all riled up and she starts barking. Oh, did I mention this was around 12am!!!

So, I take¬†Wyatt’s bone away from him.

Then, I hear him dancing around in his crate. It sounded like he was jumping up and down, or spinning in circles.

Diva barks.

FINALLY. they stop.

I get them out Wednesday morning and don’t notice anything unusual, but when I went to put them up to leave for work I see that Wyatt has some how managed to bust a whole in black plastic tray of¬†his crate.

awesomesauce. It’s like 8:25, and I need to leave in 5 minutes- I don’t have time for this.

I decide I’m going to leave them in the living room. I even¬†got everything off the floor pushed the¬†coffee table & end¬†tables in front of the couch. Then I decided I was to scared to do that- I was¬†afraid i’d come home and the back of the couch would be chewed up, or worse.

I put a towel in Wyatts crate and hoped that he would leave it alone. I knew he would chew on it, but I hope he would at least let it be spread out.


The hole is¬†decent sized, and I can’t take the tray out because there are metal bars underneath, and that wouldn’t be nice for him to lay on.¬†I don’t want him to scratch at the hole and break more pieces off- then he will be chewing on them and I don’t need him swallowing a sharp piece of plastic. ah! ¬†

Last night they slept in our room on a blanket. Now, how come they won’t chew a blanket at night, but they will annihilate it during the day?

Today they are locked in the hall. I have the baby gate up at one¬†end of the hall, and closed all the doors at the other end so they can’t chew on anything.


the decorative pieces on the base molding..which wyatt has chewed on before.

I’m scared to go home. ¬†


In other news: Today is the last day to enter my Boston Bill Sunglasses give away.

Hopefully I will have time tonight to write a post to announce the winner in the morning.

I will take the last comment @ 7pm EST for the sunglasses.

I will mail them out to the winners on Monday.


I’m hoping to get a short run in tonight, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not feeling very motivated. I took the dogs for a 30 min walk this morning.. that counts, right?

No, not really, it was only 1.3 miles or something like that.


Have I mentioned that I’m running a 5k on Saturday?


Well. I am.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “While the gettin’ is good

  1. Ahh, while I have no doggies now, my parents have two.. and I lived with them until last year.. so I totally feel you on how your dogs kind of work off of each other (if that makes sense)

    AND YAY FOR YOUR 5K!!! How exciting! ūüôā Obviously wishing you ALL the luck in the world!

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