It’s a summer time thang

Oh man, I’m always exhausted on Mondays.

This is how the week should go:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, FUNday, Sunday.

We should have an 8 day week- 5 work days, 3 day weekend where Sunday is actually a recovery day. This could be bad for people who work weekends, but it would work out great for me. Smile


Alright, on to my weekend goods – Saturday pretty much consisted of a whole lot of time sitting on the couch. I also made two pizza’s & baked some cookies (more on that in a minute).

I attempted to run, but it was a pretty pathetic attempt. I left @ 8pm and it was still so hot & muggy that breathing was nearly impossible. I also had pizza bouncing around in my belly & hadn’t drank enough water through out the day. To say this “run” sucked is an understatement. I don’t even know the time- I turned my garmin off because I was getting so frustrated.

I think I’m going to to do a few runs without my garmin this week. That thing puts a lot of pressure on me. It’s always telling me I’m running to slow and that is getting annoying.

jena stacey fish 1


Sunday was much better. My Dad asked if I wanted to go fishing…of course I do. Chris couldn’t go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go. I felt a little guilty for going with out him, but he has gone with out me several times so that made me feel better. Winking smile

We left Harbour Marina @ 8:30, and headed out. I found out today it’s 14miles from the Marina to the Skyway via water. It doesn’t sound like a long way, but in choppy water it takes a while and yesterday had a pretty good chop going on.

Once we get past the skyway it’s at least 45 minutes to one of our numbers. “Numbers” means a GPS number that has a rock, or something where we have caught fish before. Yesterday we were fishing on a bunch of sunken ships.

We found a few different kinds of fish yesterday! The last few times we’ve been out we’ve caught nothing but grouper & grunt; which is fun, but it’s way fun to catch other kinds of fish. Grouper & grunt don’t really fight that hard. They are heavy, and take a while because generally you are pulling them off the bottom of ocean.

Yesterday we found a spanish mackeral, a few king fish, a bonita, and a dolphin (mahi mahi, not flipper). We didn’t catch the mahi mahi, but it swam by the boat a few times! Very cool! I’ve never seen one on the West Coast before.

jena fish 1jena fish 7

The belt was is to big, that is why Dale is holding it. He’s not holding me in the boat, although it looks like it in some of the other pictures. After a few minutes of reeling my Dad had a solution. Zip tie the belt on. Ha Ha. Zip ties are like duct tape, they can fix anything.

jena fish 5

Ha Ha. It looks like Dale is holding me in the boat here. He’s not. I’m leaning up against the side just fine. The belt has a little cup that you can stick the butt of the rod in. The cup on this belt rotates as you move the rod around. I don’t prefer the belt, but they work well when you are fighting a fish for a while.


Finally. My very first Bonita.

The fun thing about catching fish like this; Just when you think they’ve given up…they take off again. They dive deep or drag your line way out and you basically have to start the whole process over again. This was a really fun fight! I’m so pumped to go to the Bahamas and catch big fish!


I don’t have a good picture of the fish she caught. I *think* it was one of the king fish. (This link is not to the king fish Stacey caught. It’s a picture from the site of a local charter. Hi Joel! )


I could have just shown you this picture. duh. A king fish that Dale caught.

I was totally jealous of this next catch. Dan caught a lemon shark! He was upset, I was fascinated. No one really like to catch sharks. You usually don’t get them to the boat before they break your line. Broken line means lost tackle (hooks, plugs-lures, liter material, or live bait Plus, you don’t really want a shark swimming around with a lure hanging out of his mouth..It will rust out.) I love catching sharks, but y’all know I’m a weirdo.


I was also jealous of this catch! Not quite as cool as a lemon shark, but still cool none-the-less.. it’s a nurse shark.. I know, it’s hard to tell, but It is.


nurse sharkshark wrestler

I don’t think I need to tell you how that story ended.


Dale with a keeper size Gag grouper- unfortunately Gag grouper are not in season right now- so, even though it is the right size we are required, by law put them back.


Another nice keeper gag. He went back to his home in the ocean. I don’t know exactly why Gag season is closed. Something to do with conservation, and over fishing. I don’t keep up to date on all that. All I know is that you can’t keep them, so you don’t..No fish is worth the fines, or whatever else they’ll to do you if FWC finds you with an illegal fish.

jena pose boat

I was dancing to Cupid’s Shuffle. lol.


Every weekend should be spent out on the boat.


You have to live your life, you have to dance a little more, and care less a little more.


4 thoughts on “It’s a summer time thang

  1. You catch fish all the time. Haha. On the few times I”ve been fishing, I’ve never cauht a fish! ONce again, I am JEALOUS of how you get to spend you Sundays..
    but can totallt feel how tired you would be at the start of every week!

    • Trust me, there have been plenty of trips when we don’t catch anything. Before we moved to the West Coast Chris & I live in central Florida. We used to drive 2 hrs to the East Coast to go fishing almost every weekend. There were plenty of those trips where we went home with out catching a single fish. That is depressing. When you are fishing where we have been these last few weekends it’s hard not to catch something even if it’s not what you are looking for.

  2. I’m ridiculously jealous of your fishing adventures! We finally got our teeny tiny boat back and I’m hoping to be able to get out on the water sooner rather than later.

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