Sometimes I wonder why I blog.

I see various comments, or posts, or tweets about things that people like or dislike about blogs they read and I start to compare my blog to those opinions.

That’s all those comments are. opinions. They don’t speak for everyone, it’s just their personal preference.

But, I still can’t stop comparing myself to others.

I didn’t start blogging to become part of a community. I didn’t start blogging to get a lot of readers. I didn’t start blogging to be scrutinized, or smooshed into some category of bloggers.

I started blogging in 2006 because I was bored. Chris & I had just moved to Davenport and I didn’t have a job yet. I sat at home during the day when I wasn’t out looking for a job. I was in new place, and I would write about whatever. That was back in the day of Myspace blogs.


I just want to be me. I want to write about whatever I want to write about. If I want to add 80 pictures of me with stupid faces then I will.

If I want to write about fishing 4 weekends in a row, because that’s what I did, then I will.

This is my life, and that’s what I want to write about. I don’t want to feel pressured to talk about running, because honestly, running is really pissing me off right now. But I feel like, “well, maybe some of my readers only read because I run then I’m obligated to talk about running.” 

Then I think, “Would I be better off if I did themed days?” Y’know, Three things Thursday, What I ate Wednesday.. and whatever else people in the blog land do. Maybe readers would like more structure?  Don’t get it twisted, there is nothing wrong with structured days. I enjoy reading them on other people’s blogs- I just don’t think it’s for me. It’s not my style.

I think I need to branch out in the blogs I read. Maybe that is effecting the way that I think about my own blog. I read a lot “health & fitness” blogs, and while they are all different they are very much alike. I think I need to read other kinds. suggestions.

What are your favorite non-health related blogs. Do you have a mixture of blogs, or do you pretty much read all H&F blogs?


No one is putting any pressure on me besides myself. I feel this pressure to make my blog bigger & better. Sometimes I have internal battles with myself about whether or not I care how many readers I have.

The truth is: I don’t care. I blog because I truly enjoy to write. I actually liked writing papers in school, I know, that is so weird.  


So. My blog is what it is, nothing more and nothing less. I give myself the right to bitch if I want to, and post 1, 000 pictures of fishing if I want to. If you like, that’s great, if you don’t…well sorry, but I’m not sorry.

ugly face


9 thoughts on “Pressure

  1. Jena, I feel like I could have written this post myself. I, too, struggle with the “should I be trying to grow readership? Should I be more structured? Am I boring people?” etc, etc. I have considered doing themed days, but I don’t feel like it’s my style, either. And as much fun as it is to get readers, I started my blog because I like to write, first and foremost, and secondly to keep my far-away family up-to-date on my life. That’s what matters to me the most. The extra readers and friends I’ve made are an added perk.

    My personal opinion is that I like when blogs are more varied in topic. I read some “themed” blogs (cooking, etc), but my Reader is largely made up of “life” blogs. I like to read about what people do and seeing people’s lives from all over the country is neat to me – so many people have lives so different from mine. I like when blogs are honest and reflect the writer’s individuality.

    So, I say write for YOU. At the end of the day this is YOUR blog, YOUR outlet for thoughts/feelings/rmusings/gripes/ramblings, whatever. Don’t let it stop being fun!

    And that’s my long-winded sympathizing and advice. 🙂

  2. I mostly read food and healthy living blogs. I read a few beer and home decor/design blogs, but that’s about it.

    Since I started a new job in January my blog has taken a way back seat. I have been putting presure on myself to do more…but for what? I have to remember that it’s for me, was started for me, and will ultimately be that way. Would I like to be bale to quit my job and blog full time and attend swanky events, get sponsors, and get paid to do stuff I do anyway? of course! But I might as well play the lottery instead.

    Keep being you and do what you want. It’s your domain 🙂

  3. I get to thinking the same way when I read through some of the posts from people who make blogging most of their lives. I can’t do that. This is strictly a hobby for me and if I’m not enjoying it then, well, its not worth it to me.

    People love giving advice but in the end you are right – the blog is about you and what you do!

  4. Who cares! This is for you and by you! Nobody is paying you so shake off the pressure and have fun with it! When you start getting paid….then you can worry some….just a little tho! 🙂

    I personally enjoy more reading about you and your “stuff”. Your running is great but I enjoy reading about you. So…for what that’s worth!
    (But then, I am your momma.)

    Love ya!

  5. If people don’t like what you are writing, they don’t have to read it! That’s how I approach my blog. I, however, do like your writing and I whole-heartedly agree with your apprach of just being yourself and writing about what matters to you. I just realized today that I didn’t have your blog in my reader so I am now finally officially a follower of LifeIsBeachyKeen! 😉

  6. I prefer when a blogger “keeps it real” and posts about all the stuff going on.. not just a particular subject.

    I know a lot of people I follow dont have children so they probably couldnt care less reading about mine, but I blog for myself and my children are part of that. And like you, sometimes I do something one weekend and all my posts are related to that, but it helps keep things mixed up when the next weekend its back to something else.

    • Thank you 🙂 I love reading about your kids, they are freakin’ adorable! … and i’m very far behind on everyone’s blog- not just yours.. my Google reader says I currently have 218 posts. ..that is unbelievable. What I love about blogs is that they give us a peak into someone else’s life. I absolutely love reading blogs that show me what it’s like to live some where else, or what their life is like on a day to day basis. I like H&F blogs, but it’s the SAME THING EVERY DAY!

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