Those little things called goals

8 more work hours and the weekend is here!

Thanks to everyone who has entered my giveaway, so far!! I’m really excited to be hosting my first give away.

Some things I forgot to tell you yesterday:

  • The glasses I’m giving away are not polarized
  • I will end the giveaway Thursday, June 9th, 7pm ET

Okay, business is taken care of.


It’s June 3rd, y’all. Can you believe it? I hate the first week of the month. My money just goes flying right out of my bank account, it’s so sad. With June, comes new goals, but first let’s talk about the goals I set for myself in May.

I had three goals:

  • one cup of coffee a day
  • no alcohol
  • no soda

Welllll…. I will say that I didn’t meet any of my goals 100%, however, I think I did pretty good considering what I was asking myself to do.

Coffee: I love coffee, and I drink it because it tastes good, and I drink it when I’m bored. So cutting it down to one cup was a big challenge. I did keep it at one cup until about the last week of May. Then I had 2-3 cups a day, but nothing like what I was drinking.

Alcohol: let’s be real. no alcohol for a whole month.. I don’t even know if I lasted a week.  ha

Soda: I actually was really surprised wit how well I did. About 2 weeks into this challenge we went to Sea World and I had some pepsi there. It’s like $4 for a water at Sea World. I also had soda on one or two other occasions.

I think I got burnt out on hot tea because I haven’t drank any in a at least two weeks. I should get back on that train.


The reason for these goals was just to get control over some habits that were getting a little out of control. I don’t want to drink soda ever day, and I don’t want to drink a pot of coffee a day… uhmm I like alcohol, so I haven’t figured out what to do w/ that yet Winking smile 


So, what’s going to happen in June?

Uhm, not sure what June will hold. I’m finishing physical therapy today, so maybe I should set a goal to continue w/ my exercises at home.

I also need to get better at walking the dogs more frequently. Yah yah, we are bad bed parents. We have a good sized fenced in back yard so we let them outside pretty often, for 10-15 minutes at a time. But, Diva doesn’t do anything but sit on the balcony and bark at cars that drive by. Wyatt goes down the stairs and sits. After chew-palooza last week we decided we needed to do something else to get them stimulated.

I want to continue on with the no soda rule.

I also kind of slacked off with Xtraining since I started physical therapy. I started running again and Xtraining went right out the window. lame.

So I have a few idea for goals; I’ll think about that and lay out some kind of plan. I probably should have already done that, but….. I didn’t.


In running news; I went running last night around 7:30 to avoid the sick heat. It was still hot when I went out, but it was tolerable. I actually had a pretty decent run. Hallelujah!

The Physical Therapist wanted me to get a good run in before my appointment today. I set out for 3 miles. No time goal, just 3 miles. My time was 26:59, @8:59. I’m, uhm, “happy” with that? I guess.

I could really whine about how I’m sick of my runs being slower than I want them to be, and I’m sick of being out of breath when I run, but  I won’t. At least not today, mainly because I don’t have time right now.


Before I go:

  1. Did you enter my giveaway?


Well at least check them out.


What’s on your weekend agenda?


Go Big or Go Home


3 thoughts on “Those little things called goals

  1. I like your goals for Xtraining and continuing PT exercises.

    When I did PT a few years ago for my back I had to “force” myself to continue once PT was over, but I did and it really helped aid in recovery.

    Walking the dogs is def a good idea, especially with the chewing – too much pent up energy.

    Do you have any good places nearby to walk them?
    Are they other dog friendly? Starkey is a good place to go – lots of space & new stimulation for them.

  2. I think you did great on your goals, Jena! I mean.. those were so serious changes you were looking to make.. and you definitely put a dent in them! It is really hard to stop ONE thing cold turkey.. let alone 3! Great work, chica!

  3. You are much braver than me 🙂 When I became Mormon I gave up coffee cold turkey.. It was a hard habit to break but not an addiction for me.. I just moved to soda instead and its hard for me to give it up. Ive been drinking way less though. It helps having my own cup for water. Now I need to think of some good goals!

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