and so it begins

Happy Hurricane Season Day

Yup, today is the start of hurricane season.

They are already talking about home owners insurance going up and stocking up on food items that can be eaten with out being cooked.

As per usual, the weather people are forecasting a busier season than last year.

Yah. They said that last year as well Winking smile

I think everyone should experience hurricane season in Florida. We get lots of goofy reports, and lots of advice. Reporters go out in 80mph winds to report that its reaaallllyyyyy windy. It’s pretty comical.

It’s funny until your power goes out.for weeks.Then it’s not funny anymore.

I started Tuesday out bright and early with some physical therapy. I woke up this morning to sore quads & glutes, yay? That means I’m working hard in therapy, right? I feel like I’m working hard. I always leave all sweaty. super cute.

My obsession with the Women’s Running Magazine Half-Marathon, St. Pete has already started.

Yesterday after work I started looking up training plans..after I cleaned up the latest thing the dogs chewed up. But, that’s a whole other blog post.

I used a Runners World training plan for my half in March and was pretty successful. Well, I had to modify because it only had me running 3 days, and I needed/wanted to be running 4.

What I like about Runners World is that you can enter the date of the race and it will spit out a plan that starts today and goes through the date of your race. My race is 25 weeks away so it spit me out a 25week training plan.

25 weeks of training isn’t really ideal, but since I’m coming back from this knee/hip thing I figured it would bring me back slow enough that I hopefully won’t get re-injured or whatever it is going on.

The plan starts out running 2 days a week and progresses to 5 days a week. It incorporates easy runs, tempo runs & long runs.

I think I will loosely stay with the training plan until around August when training should really begin.

jena7 text

I’m also considering doing the Florida Halloween Halfathon on October 30th. It works out because on October 29th my training schedule actually says to do a 13mi long run. Sounds like a perfect reason to run the Florida Halloween Halfathon. It’s only $50 to register until 6/26/2011.

The only thing holding me back from running the Halloween half: my knee. I’m afraid that if I run a half before my the Women’s Half I won’t be able to run the women’s half.. I think I would try to treat the halloween half like a training run and not go balls to the wall on it. In theory that sounds like a great idea, but I don’t know if I could restrain myself. The course is so flat, and awesome. It’s a great PR course but, so is the Women’s Half.

I’ll have to think on this some more.

The runners world calculator has estimated that if I stick w/ this training plan and do the work outs as I’m supposed to my finish time would be 1:44, 8:00 pace. Wow. That would be spectacular, but that’s an 8 minute PR.

That would rock my socks off.



Happy National Running Day

I didn’t even know such a day existed.

Did you?


Are you doing anything to celebrate National Running Day?


8 thoughts on “and so it begins

  1. I think I would be SO scared to live in Florida during hurrican season.. Weather kinda freaks me out when it gets bad.

    Twitter told me today was national running day.. and I am kind of upset I didn’t know earlier..because running isnot on my plan for today.

    Today is also “Say Something Nice to Someone” day. Heard that one on the radio..

    • Hurricanes can be dangerous & deadly. I’ve lived in FL my entire life, I’ve had more sunny hurricane days than actual legit bad weather hurricane days. 2004 was the first time I’ve had power go out from a hurricane… Maybe I’m a little more worried now that I live on the coast, and have my own home, but I’m not to worried. There is no history of a hurricane ever hitting the area where I live ::fingerscrossedthatthiscontinues!::

  2. Okay, love that picture of you running! It’s always fun to have a big race out on the horizon that you’re working toward. Happy national running day, and hope the hurricanes stay far, far away from you.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog, and it’s so cool to “meet” another Florida runner! I’m just starting to get back into the sport, so it’s awesome to read your posts as inspiration! I’m definitely going to celebrate the “holiday” with a 2 mile run tonight 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I didn’t run on National Running Day, but I registered for a race. That counts, right? 🙂

  4. Where did you find the runner’s world training program? I am looking to plug in the date of my (hopefully) next race, ideal time, previous times, etc…and have it spit me out an appropriate training plan. I didn’t look very closely on the website. I thought it might be quicker just to ask. 🙂

  5. I am thinking of running a half in Aug (never thought I would want to!) And I think that RW training program would work for me. Where can I find that?

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