What have I done?

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that if you were off on Memorial Day you enjoyed it!

If you had to work..I hope It was a quiet, pleasant day.


I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, aka 6am, to get in a run before we headed down to Tampa for a fun-filled day of fishing.

My plans were to run on the treadmill, since Sunday mornings run was less than stellar. But when I looked at the thermometer it said 66, so I decided to take it outside. I wore shorts & a sports bra since I was pretty sure the traffic would be zero at that hour of the morning (I was right, except for one guy outside stretching on his balcony. Not sure if had clothes on, I tried not to stare.)

The weather was decent, but the run sucked. I had plans for 3 miles because I didn’t have time for more, but my knee had other plans. It started to hurt so I headed back home at 2 miles. not cool.

2mi, 18:44, 9:22 pace

I got an e-mail from Dailymile yesterday, they told me I ran 12 miles last week. Whoa. That’s the highest mileage I’ve run in one week in a while and I think my knee is angry about it. I didn’t do any crazy runs this week, I didn’t even run over 3 miles(lame).

Today is my last day of physical therapy and I’m not sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I’m happy because $90/wk is not my idea of a good time. On the other hand, I’m frustrated because the pain is not completely gone. Maybe it will never be completely gone? Maybe I just need to run w/ KT Tape forever?

In other news: I just registered for the Women’s Running Magazine, St. Pete Half-Marathon.

I’m sure you are baffled by this news since 2 paragraphs ago I was whining about a 2 mile run that included knee pain.

I know.


Peer pressure made me do it.

Are you registered for any Fall/Winter races yet?
The group that I run with when i’m not injured registered a Team for this half so that’s pretty much why I decided to run. I didn’t have such a great race last year at this event. Hopefully this knee crap will get situated and I’ll have a more successful race.

I know you are dying to know what we did for Memorial Day?

Chris spent most of his day like this:

chris sleeping

In his defense, it was really quite rough this morning. I heard my Dad say 3-4ft seas. Not sure about the wind, but I promise ya, it was blowin’


Then Chris & Jeremy did this:

jeremy swim

chris swim

It worked. For about 10 minutes. Poor Chris, being sea sick is not fun. Especially when you are 25 miles from shore or 1.5-2hrs from the marina. Not fun.

The wind & wave finally died down and he was able to enjoy some of the trip.

The fishing wasn’t as great as it was last weekend. Well, it was for Stacey & Jeremy, they caught some keepers! I caught quite a few grunt, but no keeper grouper. sad face.


What’s that picture of you ask?

Oh. That.

That’s just a wall of water. That was my view from the back of the boat on our way out. It was rough y’all. I wish I had video of the boat slamming up and down on the waves. It’s hard to describe if you’ve never been out, but basically you go up a wave, and fall off the other side.

pleasant, right?

It doesn’t happen every time, it just depends on what angle you hit the wave. It’s quite the science. My Dad’s got it down, but sometimes, those waves pull a fast one on ya and you end up getting your spine crunched into your brain.


Raise your hand if you like gigantic sea turtles!

oooo me me me me !!


See Shelby, sea life is nice!

Jena Boat

duh. I know you didn’t think I was going to go a whole post without a picture of myself.

get real.


btw. That is not me. In case you were confused.

That is my Sissy-Love, Stacey.


and that will conclude the longest post ever.


but remember:




9 thoughts on “What have I done?

  1. Fun weekend in the sunshine for you! I don’t have to be too jealous though because we had a sticky 80 degree day today. I already can’t handle the heat. 😦

    Hope your knee just needs a bit of rest and will feel better soon. I’m signed up for no future races, but hope to do a few shorter ones over the summer.

  2. Wow look at those catches!!! Looks like you had an awesome time on the boat. You are so lucky to be able to escape on that boat so often 🙂

    When is your half?! That is awesome that tou are registered… hopefully your knee starts cooperating ASAP 🙂 Good luck back at work today! 🙂

    • The half isn’t until November. I have plenty of time to build up mileage and work on my knee. I ran the same half last year and had a horrible race. I need some redemption this go around. 🙂

      We only have one patient at work today, so it’s not going to be to bad. Hope the kids are good for you today! almost summer!!

  3. Love it! Ok, no. I hate knee pain and sea sickness, but the sun, water and good catches I DO love.

    I had PT before – 2 herniated disks – fun! The pain wasn’t gone after PT was over, however they did provide me with plenty of stretches and exercises to continue that helped manage the pain until it was gone.

    I think the best thing is to continue taking it easy, running with minimal pain and stretching. Do other activities in the mean time, since you’ll want to build up a base to work on for that half!

    As for naked guy? You shoulda stared 🙂

    • Ha Ha, the naked guy. Old guy on his balcony. Not my viewing pleasure. I’m sure he was surprised to see someone running by at 6:30 am.

  4. Oh how cool! I can’t believe the turtles came so close. If you’re ever down in the Keys you have to check on the Sea Turtle hospital there. It’s one of kind and really interesting.

    I’ve never done a women’s only race. Sounds like fun. Hope your knee behaving.

    I’m struggling with my fall race line up simply because there are so many I want to do. Since I agreed to TTC #2 next summer, DH has agreed to let me race my little heart out until then.

    Now that I’m putting it out there, just watch, I’m going to get injured and not be able to do any of them. heh

    • TTC! yay, right? I can’t remember if they let men register or if it’s truly a women only race. Last year I really struggled with this race, so I’m hoping for redemption!

      That turtle was awesome! I’ve seen them in the wild, but never so close! I couldn’t believe we got as close as we did. Usually the second they see/hear the boat they are gone. It was really awesome!

  5. Hi Jena, long time no see. Sorry to hear your knee continues to be a issue for you. But we are super excited that your speedy self will be running the Women’s Half Marathon as a member of the Sizzling Suncoast Striders team! With you, Marcia, Melanie # 2, Tara, Andrea and Jackie, you ladies are going to absolutely DOMINATE that race!! Now, get healed lady!

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