Going in the right direction

Get excited! It’s Friday!

Do you have any weekend plans?



I am obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial.

I can not stop watching. I don’t like Nancy Grace, but here I am watching this crazy lady.


I am really looking forward to this weekend, I know that’s nothing new, but I have no plans. Usually on Monday morning I am planning what I’m going to do on Saturday & Sunday. The last few weekends have been non-stop and super busy. I’m looking forward to some down time. I might go over to the beach, not the real beach, just to Pine Island. If the weather is nice, I have to get out in it. I can’t pass up a perfectly good beach day, can I?

I also want to go to the Farmer’s Market, but I can’t go to the beach, and to the farmer’s market. The market is way up in Brooksville on Saturday mornings; unfortunately the parking at the beach is really limited and if you don’t get their early you aren’t getting parking and that is no bueno. Beach for the win!

trop tues 6


I’m so excited that I actually have running news to talk about on this here running blog, yay! It’s not really anything exciting, but it’s running none-the-less!

Thursday was my test day. The day I would test my knee with out KT Tape, and I would run outside. I was actually really apprehensive about the run, and I didn’t think I would be able to run with out pain.

I enjoy physical therapy, and I feel like I’m working hard when I’m there, but I’m not entirely convinced that anyone actually knows what was causing my knee pain. It seemed like a lot of guesses and the physical therapy was a place the Doctor could send me to make it seem like he was treating the problem. So I was a little skeptical that the PT was actually helping.

I had a plan to run at a comfortable pace and to run 2-3 miles depending on how my knee felt.

Unfortunately it was hot as balls when I got off work, so I decided to wait until about 7:30 to run. I looked at the weather around 6 and it was 87* – The temperature at 7 was going to be 86* . whoa a whole one degree cooler, I think I’ll just take my chances and run at 6. I was anxious to get the run done and waiting another hour & a half wasn’t happening.

I hung out around the 9:00 pace, I couldn’t push any faster. It was humid, and breathing was a little bit of an issue. My hamstrings were also so tight that it was shortening up my stride, making it difficult to run at a faster pace.

I stopped at .5 mile to stretch for a few minutes. Stopping for a few minutes on a run is not ideal, but neither are tight IT Bands and jammed up hamstrings. I had to stop one other time to stretch my hammies. They are seriously so tight. PT on Wednesday killed me.

I love hamstring stretches, they seriously feel sooooooo good! Best stretch ever.

I ended my run @ 2.63miles, 24:08, 9:10pace. Looking back I realize I could have ran for 5 more minutes and finished out with 3 miles. Whatever. Hindsight is 20/20. Is that what they say?

I am happy to report that the run was completely pain free, besides the tight hammies. I had no knee pain, in either knee (yay!) –

So after PT today I have two more sessions next week, then I have to go back to the Dr…for him to tell me…..

……yah. I don’t know either……

I’m debating just totally skipping the appointment. But, if I need to go back to him I don’t want to burn any bridges. So, I’ll end up going back, paying him another $30 for him to tell me nothing…again.


Does your pace suffer during the hotter months?



If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it big


6 thoughts on “Going in the right direction

  1. Last night was my first run in the heat. Well.. by CT standards anyways.. and in comparison to what I have running in lately.
    It was 84 out – and humid..and I definitely struggled. It was hard for me to get up to my regular pace..and I was definitely short of breat.. which usually does not happen to me on a run.
    I didn’t really run outdoors a heck of a lot last summer..as I was doing more weight training and indoor runs.. so I am hoping that my body just needs to adjust and I will be good to go. But we shall see.
    Congrats on a pain free, tapeless outdoor run!

    • Last summer was my first summer really running; it was brutal. I know to expect my pace to be slower, but it’s still frustrating.

  2. My pace definitely suffers during the “summer” months here on the Texas gulf coast (in other words from April – September). I’m trying my best to push the pace a little more this summer in hopes that it will do wonders when it finally starts cooling off.

  3. Glad to hear you were able to run knee pain free! If your PT thinks your knee is good to go, I wouldn’t go back to the doctor…if you really want to tell him everything is fine, just call his nurse and have them put a note in your file.

    Have a fun weekend!

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