I guess I’ll talk about running

It’s been a while since I’ve really talked about actual running. Sad.

so I guess i’ll talk about it today.

I’ve been slowly incorporating running back into my routine. My longest run is 4 miles (woot), and I ran with KT Tape on my knee. I’ve been running a few days a week, trying not to over do it. I’m also doing physical therapy and I don’t want to run to much plus physical therapy. That smells like sore legs.

Sunday I ran w/ KT tape and had no trouble, thankfully. I don’t want to rely on KT Tape forever, I like it, but I think it could get expensive. Besides the money, I want to be strong and not have to rely on another device. With that said, if this is a chronic thing, and the only way that I can run is to use KT tape, then I will.

Friday at physical therapy the Therapist said that he wanted me to run in the next few days with out the KT Tape to see how I was feeling. I didn’t have time over the weekend, but I had some time yesterday (Tuesday) after work. I was a little apprehensive about running with out the tape. So I decided that I would run on the treadmill for two reasons; 1. It was hot as heck outside. Running outside sounded like a terrible idea and 2. if I ran on the treadmill I wouldn’t be stranded anywhere. I was afraid that I would get away from the house, my knee would hurt, then I would have to limp/gimp/hobble/cry my way back to the house.

The treadmill just seemed the better way to go.

I wanted to start out slow so that I didn’t kill my knee right away. I gradually increased my speed in half-mile increments.

.5 @ 6.0
stop and stretch
.5 @ 6.3
.5 @ 6.6
.5 @ 6.9
.5 @ 7.2
.5 @ 6.6  (cool down)

Total: 3mi @ 9:11pace ( 27:35)   Not exactly spectacular, but it was okay. I didn’t have any right knee pain (which is the “bad”) knee, but my left knee was a little cranky.  I stopped to stretch two different times. The first time was just a general stretch, and the second time I stopped because my left knee was hurting and I want to see if stretching my hamstring would alleviate the pain. It did the trick for a little bit, but it was still a little achy. Today I’m not feeling any pain at all.

I had physical therapy this morning and I did some new exercises that were definitely challenging.  The Therapist wants me to run outside, with no KT tape to see my progress. To say i’m anxious about this is a slight understatment. I can’t just do a loop that would bring me back to my house if the pain starts up. Every route is an out and back, so if the pain starts, then i’m stuck hobbling/crying my way back to the house.

The plan is start at two miles, and a medium pace, something that feels comfortable. If my knee doesn’t hurt then I’m going to try for 3 miles. Fingers crossed I have pain free, KT tapeless run.

I’ll report back later with how that run goes. Eek!

By the way; I really hate writing posts inside the wordpress site. It’s so annoying.


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3 thoughts on “I guess I’ll talk about running

  1. The KT tape is interesting. Did your PT teach how to properly tape you knee up. or does someone do it for you?

    Good luck on your run.. I will be thinking of you hoping you make it as far as you plan to! I admire you so much for the way you are truly listening to you body and easing back into it!

    Props to you! 🙂

    • KT Tape has a website with various YouTube videos that show how to place the tape for different ailments. I used the “light knee support” video. I some of my pain is because my knee caps are so loose and they don’t track right. The way the tape is placed allows for the knee cap to align and doesn’t give much else support.

      I think with this injury I have to listen to my body. When I have the pain it’s so intense that it’s not something that I can run through. It’s miserable. I’ve run through pain before, this is a different kind of hell. I’m afraid that to much to soon will land me back on the injured bench and I really don’t want to be there again. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and slow down.

  2. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan! Hopefully BOTH knees feel better soon. As a random side note, I totally saw a girl who looked like she was kicking’ butt at Fargo with a ton of KT Tape on her legs. Probably not ideal forever though, so I think it’s smart to try and wean yourself off of it eventually.

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