Team Git cha’ some

Happy Tuesday, Y’all.

4 more days until a 3 day weekend (I hope). I’m not 100% sure I’ll be off on Memorial Day. More than likely, but I haven’t talked to the DR. about it yet.


After the Tri-Relay on Sunday morning I said goodbye to Carolyn and headed over to the marina where my Dad keeps his boat. When I got to the marina I met up with Chris, my Dad, my baby sister Alli, my sister Stacey, and her boyfriend Jeremy. We headed to SweetBay to grab some lunch, and then out for a fun day of fishing!


The weather was beautiful! It was a little windy in Tampa Bay, but the water wasn’t to choppy so we weren’t getting slammed around to hard.


The Skyway Bridge

Chris fishin’ for bait fish with a sabiki rig

We headed out about 25 miles off shore. We went out of Tampa Bay, under the Skyway and then headed out. I have no idea where we were, but that really doesn’t matter any how. What matters is that we had a great time and caught a lot of fish.

The wind died down once we got off shore, and the ocean was calm and flat. This is good and bad. When it’s a little windy it’s cooler, when there is no wind it’s hot as heck and it feels like you are melting. I love swimming in the ocean, but swimming in 80ft of water is a little scary. It’s dark, and you can’t see the toothy critters that are swimming around you.


If you are offended by fish being caught, or dead fish. You should stop reading now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


See Chris’ hand holding the rod in the back. Ha Ha

We weren’t fishing for any specific. Just fishing for anything that would bite. We also can’t keep everything that we catch. There are size limits, and also limits on how many of each fish species you can keep. Not on all fish, but most fish. Right now there is a lot of talk about grouper limitations. I won’t go into detail. I know I’d lose most of you at the words “Gag Grouper”.

We were catching mostly red groupers, and grunt. We caught one gag grouper, and he was definitely released. Most of the red grouper were released, but we kept the grunt(s).



No Chris holding the rod this time. I reeled in that mac daddy all by myself.

jena grouper 12

Oh yah! 26 inch red grouper!

jena grouper

It was a long day of fishing but I loved every second of it. It’s nice to spend quality time with the family. When you are stuck on a 28 ft boat together you will find some way to entertain each other, trust me, it get’s interesting.


The Sunday events did not end with the fishing trip; Chris drove his motorcycle to the marina since I was already in Tampa w/ Carolyn. Since he was on the bike, and I was in my car I followed him home. I’m a gigantic worry-wart and the idea of him driving at night on his bike freaks me out.. (even though it’s dark when he leaves for work in the morning..I pretend it’s light out when he leaves for work.)

We were not even out of Tampa yet when Chris pulled over on the side of the Suncoast Pkwy and shut his bike off. I thought he was just pulling over to get cash out of his pocket, because the Suncoast is a toll road. He had stopped right in front of the toll booth.

He got off his bike, walked over to my car and said, “We have a problem.” Yah, that’s just what I want to hear @ 9:15pm on a Sunday night an hour away from home… Something happened to his throttle cable and his bike would start back up. awesomesauce.

2.5hrs later one of his friends was able to come get his back and trailer it to their work. It was 1:30am when we rolled into the house.. Remember how I got up at 4am.!!!!!


i live for the weekends


everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Live your life, it was made for living, not for sitting on the sidelines watching it pass you by.


4 thoughts on “Team Git cha’ some

  1. Holy shit that is one big fish! Way to go! I wish someone in my family had a boat.. I would totoally be all over boating every weekend. I always wish I haad some sisters.. not that I don’t love my brother..but it was something I always wished that I had growing up.

    So sounds like a REALLY long day. I can’t believe you managed to work on MOnday without dying. I would have taken a personal day..for extra recovery!

    • Ha. I couldn’t take a personal day; we were seeing patients. To make it even more fun we went to my sisters after work on Monday and didn’t get home until 11pm.. oh yah, i was pissed.

  2. Hot woman in a bkini holding a trophy fish….. Is your hubby going to have that picture blown up to poster size? 🙂 Every man’s dream. Awesome fish (awesome abs too!)

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