Did You know: Wirenuts are a real conversation starter

Hey Everyone; I’m still working on the 2nd Sunday post. No, it’s not that long, I just haven’t had time. I already had this post written from a few weeks ago. It was set to automatically publish, and it didn’t. I really have to figure out how to work that timed publishing thing..


I started this Did you know series a few weeks ago. They are posts about things that I don’t normally talk about. Not because I don’t want to, but because they don’t really fit into every day life conversations.

You can check out the other two posts here:

Chris two weeks after we started dating. He broke his ankle “stunting” on his motorcycle.

When I was 20 I a cashier @ the Ace Hardware in my home town. I worked there for a few years and it was a good job for a 20 yr old girl. Hello loads of guys coming in and out all day Winking smile

I don’t know how long Chris has been coming into the store before we met, but he says he’d been coming in for a while. Maybe he came in on days I wasn’t working, or maybe I wasn’t lookin’ cute. For whatever reason we never met. He knew my co-workers, but never had seen me.

baffling I know.

In February 2005 (I don’t know the exact day, how un-girly of me) this guy came to my register to check out. He was buying some wire nuts, which can be bought individually or can be bought by the box.

I asked “the guy” how many wire nuts he had, because he was buying them individually I needed to know how many there were.

He said, “I don’t know, you pick a number.”

Me “okay, 69.”


I don’t know what the next remark was but it was something along the lines of me being a freak and my mind being in the gutter.

Great first impression right?


I don’t remember what I saw him again. I started to notice when he came in though. He was/is so cute. Baby blue eyes, wranglers, crooked smile & boots. What more could a girl ask for, seriously.

One Saturday he came in with his buddy; they came through my line and as I was ringing them out Chris asked for my number.

I laughed him off. Not to toot my own horn, or sound conceited, but I seriously got asked my number pretty often. I rarely gave it out.

Before he left he said, “Sooo, Can I get your number.”

Me, “Oh, you were serious.” 


Obviously I gave in and gave it to him.

We talked on the phone for a few weeks; I remember parts of our first conversation, but that’s not something I’m going to blast on the internet. Nothing naughty, but I’m still not sharing.

We went on our first date on March 20th. It was kind of a group thing. We met up with my friend & her boyfriend @ Festival Bay movie theater. We went and saw The Ring 2 – I hate scary movies.

It’s probably bad technique, or whatever, but we kissed on the first date..

and as they say….the rest is history. Ha.

The night we got engaged. That’s another story.


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