Race Report: Mad Dogs Tri-Relay

Whew Monday. You showed up WAY to quickly. I need a re-do of this weekend, or at least a few more hours tacked on to Sunday!

Sunday was so busy it requires two separate posts. Aren’t you excited?! Ha Ha!

In case you missed my picture over load on Saturday, you can check it out here.

Saturday night I went over to Carolyn’s house to slumber party. It was easier to drive to Madeira beach from her house, rather than my house..aka..it’s closer to her than me. Even thought it was closer it still required a 4am wake-up call. Mix that w/ a late bed time, and very little sleep, I woke up Sunday morning really tired. I stumbled/rushed through my pre-race routine. Toast & PB for breakfast w/ some water. Slapped some make up on (yah, I know..whatever.) We were headed out the door by 4:30. That is record time for me. I usually wake up at least an hour before I need to leave. But, since I was the running leg of the Tri I knew I would have a little wait time so I didn’t need to make sure business was taken care of prior. ahem..youknowhwhatImean. I don’t mind porto-potties anymore. It’s like a second home. Ha Ha

We met up w/ our other team member for check-in @ 5:45. Got marked up. Then went to the transition area.andwaited.andwaited some more.

and some more.

still waiting.

Our wave started at 7:15 so Carolyn headed towards the beach to complete the swim. She zipped into transition around 7:30ish and Barbara was off to kill the 15mi bike ride.


Carolyn may or may not kill me for posting this. (Sorry Carolyn!!)

 Barbara is the pink tank running through the transition area. P.S. running w/ those cycling shoes on looks hard. Props to y’all Triathletes!

Approximately 45 minutes later Barbara came back through transition and I headed out on our last leg of the Tri. 3.1 miles. Seems easy right. BAHAHAHAHAHA.

I feel whiney & guilty for even complaining about the 5k. First of all, I only did 1/3 of what the Triathletes doing the whole thing did. How can I even complain about running 3.1 miles when all I did was sit around and wait for an hour. (or 3). Anyhow, I set off on the run. I had no idea what to expect out of this 5k. I didn’t know how hard to push myself. When to pull back. I felt like I was running my very first 5k. It was frustrating to say the least.

Mile 1 was good 8:15 (I think)… I started way to fast. I looked @ my watch and one point and I was running sub 8..like 7:05 or something equally as insane. I pumped the brakes and slowed it down to just over an 8. I felt okay w/ that, but I wasn’t sure if I could maintain. Oh, and did I mention that the last 1.5 miles of the 3.1 miles was in the sand. Oh yah..there’s that.

I had no idea going into this that we would be running in the sand. I looked at pictures from last year’s race, and I saw the finish was in the sand, so I was expecting that, I was not expecting half the run to be in the sand. Thankfully (I guess) it was in hard packed sand. But still, it’s a different surface than what I’m used to and it was kind of banked so it was still difficult. Just before the finished we had to run through soft deep sand.. ha ha, that was interesting. I thought I might throw up. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. yes. that many o’s are necessary. Thank you.

miles 2 & 3 were in the 8:30s.

Not quite dead from the sand yet.

Please just put me out of my misery w/ this sand. Good grief.

Quickly after I finished the run went to find ice for my knee. I didn’t have any pain, but I was icing preventatively. I ice after every run now. I’ll be surprised if I can walk by time I’m 30. Ha.


As I was writing this post the results came in my email:

 5   196   903 Embrace The Suck                                    1:26:50    1   12:46    1:16    5   45:12  19.9    0:43    6   26:55  8:41 

OA time: 1:26:50
Swim: 12:46 
Bike: 45:12
Run: 26:55

I won’t waste a lot of time talking about how I’m not satisfied w/ my 5k time. Obviously there were factors slowing me down. Bum knee? Check. Sand? check. Hot as hell? check. But still. I’m disappointed in myself, and I feel like I could have done better for the team. So that’s that.

We didn’t stick around for the awards. We heard they were @ 11:30 and we were sitting in the tent icing my knee @ 9. Uhm, not hanging around for 2.5 more hrs. Carolyn text me later to tell me that they gave out awards 10 deep, and we got a cool mug..so there’s that. We got 5th out of 8 female relay teams. I had a great time. Despite all the waiting, and my lack of a great 5k, it was fun. It was a totally awesome atmosphere. I’ve never been to a Tri before, so that was a whole new experience for me. If I liked swimming, I would probably give it a tri (har, har, har).. I really do want to do a duathlon.. need a bike. a real bike. not a 20yr old mountain bike. I know I can rent them for race day. I’ve said this before, but I should look into upcoming duathlons.

Get excited, tomorrow morning I’ll be posting about the rest of my Sunday. It was a really long day. like really. long. didn’t roll into the house until 1:30am Monday morning..yah. it was long.

Go Big or Go Home, right?


8 thoughts on “Race Report: Mad Dogs Tri-Relay

  1. Great job on the race; glad it was a fun time. And, sand scares me if I have to run in it. I think you did awesome with the sand element. Congrats to you all!

  2. You are being too hard on yourself (which I totally would be too.. so I guess I am being a total hypocrite..) but you did an awesome job. I’ve never run on sand. and definitely can’t say that I’d ever want to.. it has GOT to be real tough! GREAT JOB on racing.. after lots of injury time off and stuff.. seriously.. celebrate the race, girly!

  3. The worst part about triathlons is the waiting game. Seriously. it.sucks.

    I was waiting in the ocean for my heat to start, seriously shivering I was so cold. I decided to warm up and then was like, “great I’m going to freeze my ass off.” The water was warmer than the air at that point.

    Anyways it was fun. Glad Team Embrace the Suck at least got a crappy mug out of the deal. I’ll send yours to you.

  4. Hey…great race or not I think you deserve props for going out and running smart-like with your bum knee. And sand?! Yuck!

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    • I know i’m being ridiculous, but it’s hard. KWIM? It’s definitely fun to race w/ friends. Thank goodness Carolyn was there, I would have died of anxiety. I was so nervous waiting for the 5k portion..which took foreevvverrrrrr

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