Don’t be late

Since I had that meeting in Tampa on Wednesday I had to reschedule my PT to Thursday. That means I went to PT two days in a row. fun.

Actually it wasn’t that bad. I’m surprisingly just a teensy bit sore. Yesterday I showed up to PT 30 minutes late, oops. I usually go @ 8, and I forgot that when we rescheduled the 8 slot was already taken so I was supposed to be there at 7:30. As soon as I walked in the door I remembered. They are nice people and let me do my PT anyways.. plus a little extra torture for being late Winking smile  

I would never no show on a Dr appointment w/ out proper notice. That makes the practice lose money, and that’s not cool.

I think PT is going well. Kind of hard to tell since I’ve been running w/ the KT Tape. I told the PT I’ll run with out it over the weekend to see how my knee feels, but I lied. I’m not running w/o it until after the 5k on Sunday. To scary.

I’m debating whether or not I’m going to run today. I didn’t run yesterday because I had PT this morning. I’m laying on the couch quite comfy and getting up to go run doesn’t sound appealing at all. Getting sweaty sounds miserable. What has happened to me?

I really should go run right now, but it’s 87*, and it’s 6:30. uhm. But tomorrow morning it will be 67* w/ 90% humidity.. I don’t know which is worse. Or, there is the treadmill in the living room.. definitely not.

I’m seriously coming up with every excuse in the book not to run:

We are going to the sponge docks tomorrow and we will be walking around a lot. I don’t want to be to tired for the 5k on Sunday.

it’s hot

Chris will be home soon, I need to start dinner

it’s hot

no really, it’s hot.


still debating……………

come back later. I’ll probably still be laying on the couch deciding whether or not I should run.

This makes no sense, why can’t I just go out and run for 28 minutes or so. I only want to do 3 miles.

I get so bored running up and down the same 6 streets. (add that to the above excuse list).




I’m going.


might as well. it might be my last run. y’know, because the end of the world is tomorrow and all.


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