Flip flops or barefoot

jena fish caught

Sometimes I wish I was still that age. An age when the only thing that matters is whether or not you should wear flip flops or go barefoot. Should you wear a big floppy hat or no hat. When your only worry is whether or not your mickey mouse pole is going to hold that big ol’ fish and will you be able to reel it up on your own. Yep, those were the days.

In case you were wondering, the answers; Barefoot, floppy hat, and yes your reel will hold that big ol’ fish, and you will get it up on your own.

jena cute fishing

Yah, those were the days.

jena fish camp trip

I guess not much has changed. The only thing that changed? I graduated from a mickey mouse pole to a hot pink pole.



Do you ever miss being a kid?


3 thoughts on “Flip flops or barefoot

  1. I do miss being kid – for the carefree innocence with little responsibilities.. no bills.. where the biggest fight with a friend was over who got to go on the “good swing” first…

    But if I were a kid again (and knew adult life) I would totally miss my privileges and freedoms as an adult.

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