C’mon do it, all the cool kids are…

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!!

I’m not feeling to sore for my bike ride yesterday, and walking is happening. So that’s always good for a Wednesday morning. It’s also good considering I’m going to sit in a conference room for for 6 hrs today.

For dinner last night we had Rachel Ray’s Unstuffed Peppers. I’ve made it before, and it was the bomb.com – Last night it was okay. I don’t know if it was different because I used chicken sausage and not regular sausage or what but it wasn’t as awesome as before. Oh well. Next time. Actually I guess it’s not Rachel Ray’s recipe, it’s someone else’s recipe that was submitted to the Rachel Ray mag. Whatever. technicalities.


Last night at 9 o’clock two things happened. #1 I was so engrossed in the Biggest Loser I couldn’t get off the couch for two full hours.

#2 FitBlog Chats happened. If you haven’t been to Fitblog chats you totally should. I’ve gone a few times before, but only once for the full hour.

Fitblog chats was created by Katy Widrick. According to the ABOUT page, which you can see HERE. Fitblog chats were started in April 2010 after the Fitbloggin’ . So, go say thanks to Katy for creating this cool chat every Tuesday night.

Basically Fitblog is a big chat room full of healthy-living people and/or bloggers. Or people that are started to transform their lives into something more healthy. It’s cool.

It says this on the FitBlog chat page, “#FitBlog is about three “C”s: Community, Contribution, Connection. When you join one of our weekly chats or look through the archives, you’ll be inspired and come away with ideas for health, fitness, blogging and much more.”


Each Tuesday there is a different moderator, and a different topic. Last night the topic was blogging. The moderator asked 8 questions total, number 1, 1.1, 2, 2.1, 3, 3.1, 4, 4.1 –  Last night there were over 180 participants, so the conversation moves quick and can sometimes be way overwhelming. Thankfully, there is an archive where you can go to re-read the conversation. Check that out here. Last night’s chat wasn’t archived when I just checked but I’m sure it will be soon.

The last few times I’ve “gone” to the #Fitblog chat I was totally overwhelmed by everything that was going on so I only stayed for about 10 minutes. Sometimes I felt like I had nothing to contribute to the conversation so it seemed pointless for me to be there. However, I would encourage you to check it out, and hang out because you might learn some cool stuff or “meet” some new friends and find some new blogs to read. (But don’t forget about me! Winking smile )

I know this type of thing isn’t for everyone, but it’s a cool thing that happens once a week. I really enjoyed it last night so I thought I would share, incase you don’t already know about it.

Oh, by the way, it’s a Twitter event, so you have to have a Twitter account to join the chat. Guess I should have said that first, huh? Update: What I should have said was, it’s a twitter event; In order to participate you have to have a Twitter account. But, you do not have to have a twitter account to follow along. I think you would still be able to click on any blog links, and you would be able to see the conversation.

Now I have to go clean out my Google Reader to make room for some new blogs!!! Winking smile

ugh. I have to go get ready for work now. Driving to Tampa during rush hour traffic sounds like worst idea ever. See ya tonight!


Go big or Go home

5 thoughts on “C’mon do it, all the cool kids are…

  1. howdy! new follower here, BECAUSE of #fitblog. my first time was a few months back. I was encouraged to attend by @mizfitonline, and have since formed several ‘relationships’ with many great fitness people, professionals, and even company execs.
    I totally agree: #fitblog is a GREAT idea. Thank you, Katy, for having the foresight to create it!
    i hope your trip to Tampa was uneventful, and that your butt didn’t fall asleep in the conference room chair. i hate those things…….
    be well!
    gene @boutdrz

  2. Last night was my first fitblog! I really loved it.. it was fun chatting with different people.. although I was multi tasking.. which I am horrible at.. completely zoned out for the Biggest Loser 😦 … and was very tired at my 5am wake up call this morning since I was so amped after fitblog and couldn’t sleep. I even called my mom and her first words were.. why are yyou still up?! She knows how important my sleep is to my functioning!

  3. So I just bought an iPod shuffle earlier this week because I was sick of my huge iphone on my arm during runs. I totally got it engraved to say, “Go big or go home.” Too funny that you use this in your blog this week too. Crazy.

    • Hmm, an iPod shuffle sounds like a good idea instead of the iPhone. It does get big & bulky. My Hubs likes me to carry my phone when I run bc I run in the road and sometimes he isn’t home when I leave. But for racing it would be nice to have something smaller.. I love the phrase Go Big or Go Home. No point in half-assing something. 🙂

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