amputation = detachment. Makes sense

It’s safe to say that I survived the journey to Tampa today.


But, it did not happen with out some 4 letter words, and a wrong turn(twice). I honestly do not think I could live in a big city like Tampa. The traffic is horrific on the Suncoast Parkway, horrific. I like my 20 minute drive with absolutely no traffic, it’s lovely.

I missed my exit because I wasn’t paying close enough attention and ended up at Tampa International Airport, awesome.


I finally made it to the hotel where the meeting was being held. Then I found out that the speakers didn’t even start until 10, and I got there @ 9. Bleh. I totally could have slept in later, and left later. Oh well.

The first portion of the meeting was pretty boring; I don’t use the systems they were talking about so I mostly tweeted and drew on my paper. ( I know, how 3rd grade of me).

The second part of the meeting was much more interesting(scary) and entertaining. The speaker was a lot better for sure. So I won’t bore you to death with health care details but there are some major changes come to the healthcare world. Nothing that really will effect the patients, persay. It is going to be a huge mess. The good thing is, is that it’s not happening until Oct 2013 (fingers crossed it gets postponed again!). I have a point to this, I swear, and it’s kind of funny.

Currently when we bill an insurance for a service given to a patient we use what is called ICD-9 codes. These codes tell the insurance the diagnosis. We use CPT codes to tell the insurance what service has been rec’d by the patient. in 2013 the system is changing to ICD-10. It’s a huge change, that I won’t even go into detail about because it’s insanity. Along w/ the changes in the coding medical terminology is changing. Stay with me for one more paragraph.

Currently we use the term amputation, with ICD-10, we will use “detachment.” So, I guess you would get your leg detached if you were in a car accident?

I don’t know, but that just sounds so much worse than amputation to me.

My personal favorite, and I haven’t heard all of the changes yet, but this one is killer..

Instead of “cesarean section aka c-section” it will now be called, “evacuation of products of conception”


Is it just me, or does this sound like the worst thing ever? I don’t think c-section when I hear those words. I think, abortion. Horrible.

“Oh, well Mrs. H, it looks like we are going to have to have to do an emergency evacuation of products of conception.”

uhm. no thanks. So anyways. That made me laugh out loud.


In other news; I’m giving away my dogs. 1 schnauzer/yorkie mix, and 1 pit bull free to a good home. We’ve been leaving them out during the day while we are at work. We put up a baby gate so they only have access to the living room & kitchen. I pick everything up that they could chew on, cover the couch so they can’t get on it, and they are usually good.

Well. I don’t know what is wrong with them but today they chewed up two pairs of shoes, and yesterday they chewed up a pad of paper. WTH?

Those shoes have been in the same spot for 3 days. Yah…. they should have been picked up days ago, that’s not the point. What really kills me is that there are 4 bones laying in the living room. What was wrong w/ those bones may I ask?


I think it’s safe to say that tomorrow the dogs will be going back in their crates during the day. (If no one wants to adopt them Winking smile )

It’s almost Thursday, ya’ll. The weekend is slowly making her way here. Do you already have plans?


5 thoughts on “amputation = detachment. Makes sense

  1. So the “recoding” for c-section sounds just awful. Ewww.

    Isn’t it weird how dogs can do stuff like eat shoes out of the blue. Duke had never eaten any type of clothing before, then yesterday morning I found him in his bed with a pair of my (still uneaten) underwear. WTH? Where did that come from?

    • Diva & Wyatt eat socks like crazy. I find Wyatt w/ socks at least once a day. Chris doesn’t think he takes them out of the dresser, but he does. I keep my socks/underwear in my nightstand and if I leave the drawer open Wyatt gets in there.. I know this bc I found him w/ underwear that I haven’t worn..ever. So it’s not like they were out. He will sneak them to his crate; so if I can’t find him I know he is probably laying in his crate chewing on something he should be. Such a jerk. 😉

  2. Who comes up with this crap, and how many millions did they spend coming up with theses new coding tems? Redic.

    Glad you made it back from Tampa otherwise unscathed 😉

    • We probably don’t want to know how many millions were spent on all the new changes that are coming between Jan 2012 – Oct 2013.

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