It hurts.

Happy Tuesday, Ya’ll!!

I think Florida is confused, the weather is actually pleasant right now. We slept with the windows open, and the A/C off. Woohoo! If I didn’t run last night I might have gone for a run this morning. I don’t think running 3 days in a row would be a wise move; I’m going to take today off from running and do some cross training after work.

In case you don’t read Sam’s blog, Walk a Mile in my Boots, I’m going to tell you about this great giveaway that she is having right now.

Sam is pairing up with the American Cancer Society’s team DetermiNATION to run the Chicago Rock n Roll Half-Marathon.

I feel strongly about the American Cancer Society, and that is why I’m choosing to do a little post about Sam’s giveaway & her fundraiser.

First, you should go to her page (linked above) and check out all the stuff she is giving away. I can’t even begin to remember all the stuff that she is giving away. Just go check it out, you’ll thank me later.

I’ve mentioned it before that the Surgeon I work for specializes in Oncologic (cancer) patients. I have a special place in my heart for Cancer patients and the hell that they go through. Some patients have it “easier” than others, but it’s never easy for anyone involved. I’ve seen the hurt & fear in a patients eyes when they are told a survival rate. I’ve passed tissues to a wife who might lose her husband.

I’ve been on the losing side. I’ve lost many family members to cancer. All types of cancer. Cancer has taken Aunts & Uncles, Mothers, & Fathers in my family.

I support the ACS because they support all types of cancer. There are SO MANY types of cancer that all need research. The patients need supports, and their families need resources and support to help take care of their sick family members.

I know the ACS helps. I had a patient who lost their health insurance and because of this they were not able to get their chemo treatments. The ACS helped this patient get their treatments donated from the drug company.

The American Cancer Society has support groups, and tons of resources for families and patients. I sometimes use the ACS website for my job. I’ve used it to find support groups for patients, or transportation to a Dr’s appointment.

I know times are tough, not everyone has money go give, and that’s fine. If you can’t donate then help spread the word.

Just last week I wrote about the Blogger Baby Shower for Tuscaloosa. Same deal as that; just help us spread the word.

Trust me, at some point in your life you will be affected by cancer. Whether it’s yourself, a family member, or a friend. In 2007 (which is the newest numbers I could find on the ACS website) 11,714,000 people were diagnosed with cancer. Chances are you know someone that has been affected, if not, consider yourself lucky.

I am updating this post. I found some more recent numbers regarding cancer related deaths.  You can check out that link to find all sorts of information regarding Cancer related deaths. The truth is, cancer is real, it’s here, and it doesn’t discriminate. I can link you to blogs of kids that have cancer, of women who have breast cancer, or probably any other type of cancer you want to read about. I find it oddly fascinating, and horrifying at the same time. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. I promise you that.

You can click on the Kick Cancer with a Combat Boot button in the sidebar of my page. That will take you straight to Sam’s DetermiNATION donation page. If you want to help spread the word you can take the button and put it on your page as well. Or just a little mention at the bottom of a blog post. To check out her giveaway, and see all the rules for that go to her blog, HERE.

I will return to regular rambling tonight, promise. I just feel very strongly about cancer. It affects my life

Live your life, today is not definite, and tomorrow is not promised!


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