Dear Neighborhood,

Welp, another work day down.

Do you feel a recurring theme here? I’m forever counting down until the weekend. I live for the weekend.

I’m feeling some soreness from physical therapy yesterday so I decided that today would be a cross training day. A cardio DVD did not sound appealing at all, plus, the weather is SO nice here right now I couldn’t stay inside. Have to take advantage of every ounce of nice weather that we get from May – December, so I headed out for a bike ride.

I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 6 months. Oh dear. I believe my butt and quads will be feeling it tomorrow. It was a nice ride except for the 15mph headwind that was coming at me in all directions. I swear no matter what direction I rode in it felt like the head wind was just beating me.

The other problem is the lack of people that have any respect for cyclists (which I don’t consider myself a cyclist by any stretch of the imagination, but it sounds better than “people on bikes.”)… One jackass was riding in the middle of the road then I swear as soon as he saw me he got back in his lane and gave me absolutely no room. jerk.

These people are crazy around here and there are no sidewalks for the most park. It’s 1/2mi from my house to the closest sidewalk. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s the main road in and out of our neighborhood, and it goes by the boatramp/shrimp docks.. and those people are nutso.

I admit that when I lived in Clermont it was really frustrating to be driving down the road and be blocked by cyclists. I’ve yelled (to myself) at one or two of them. This was before I was a runner; I have so much more respect for cyclists, and runners now. (Clermont is a GIGANTIC cyclist town and sometimes they would be out by the 100’s)


Not really all that spectacular, but I’ll take it.

While I was out I rode over to the house my Dad is building. This thing is MASSIVE.


whoa baby.


standing on the 3rd floor looking towards the Gulf.


heck no. I couldn’t be sittin’ on the edge like that.


View from the front of the house


I might have freaked out a little when I had to go down that ladder. Going up was easy. The down was a little scary. My Dad thought this was pretty funny. I did not.

Tomorrow I have a conference from 9-3pm in Tampa. Uhm, I can’t say that I’m super excited about it, but it’s something different so I’ll take it.

Are you joining Fitblog tonight Go here to join the chat. I’m going to join tonight! Smile 


Live your life, today is not certain, and tomorrow is not promised.


7 thoughts on “Dear Neighborhood,

  1. Awesome bike stats. It is so frustrating when drivers don’t share the road. Since I have become a regular road runner, I have so much more awareness for the cyclists, runners, walkers… crawlers.. pretty much anyone that is NOT in a car.. get my full attention and respect now!

  2. You’re not leaving any crosstraining opportunity untouched. Great ride today! Cycling is a really good way to build up quad strength for those people in the pancake-flat states :p. I’d love to get into cycling myself, it just seems like a big logistical pain. I don’t know where to ride without being dangerously close to cars either.

    Enjoy a change of scenery tomorrow. It’s a freelunch atleast, right?

  3. We really need more bike lanes! Our city has almost none and I wish they’d do something about that! Anyway, had fun on Fitblog chat tonight – hope you did too! 🙂

    • Every time I almost get hit by a car I think about writing a letter to “The city”… But I don’t even think i live in a real city.. I guess I’d have to write to the county. and I doubt anything would ever happen. I’d actually probably have to get hit by a car for anyone to even think about a sidewalk.

  4. Great job trying out biking! I admit I’m a little wary of biking too much because I am worried about cars. I also really don’t know the bike laws that well. Stay safe and hope the drivers are respectful! Nice pics too. 🙂

  5. I am waaaay too scared to ride my bike on the road. So thankful that my town has about 25 miles of bike path! (Although, slightly bummed that we bought a house 3 miles from the nearest stretch of bike path.)

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