So soon??

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I can’t believe it’s already 6 o’clock on Sunday night. Where in the world did this weekend go? I’m sad it’s almost over, I need another day pllleeeassseeeee!!!!

Friday night I went to my hometown to hang out w/ my sister & friend. We went out to a few bars and had a good time. I haven’t been out in and I remember why. I don’t do late nights, I was exhausted Saturday. Exhausted + Sea World = super duper tired.


I stayed the night at my sisters house Friday night so that we could get up and go to Sea World.






You know the sharks are my favorite exhibit EVER!! There was someone doing the shark dive that they offer. I was insanely jealous. I really wish that I could just have that whole exhibit to myself for an hour. It’s always so crowded and you can’t just look around at everything.

It only stayed sunny for about an hour or so then the rain and storming settled in. We didn’t get soaked, but we got pretty wet. It was still a good time, but I was wiped out by time I got back to my car. Then I had to drive 1.5hrs back to my house from my sisters. boo.


Sting Rays! They are my second favorite thing at Sea World!!


Sunday morning we slept until 9 which was lovely. Chris wanted to get up early and fish, but we thought it was supposed to rain today. Well, it wasn’t raining but the weather channel said it was windy; it didn’t look windy at our house so we headed to Bayport to go fishing.



We tried to fish but it was really to windy. So we decided to ride around in the marsh where we haven’t been before. We found a little cubby hole that was protected from the wind.


We explored a little island to see if there was a place that we might be able to camp sometime. It was a nice island, but there wasn’t much room to put a tent or anything else.


These dogs are HUGE!!



I love this house, it’s so cute and what I think all houses in Old Florida looked like.


Seeing Manatees never gets old. I didn’t realize what it was when we first saw it. I thought it was a sandy bottom or a rock, and then it moved! See all the prop marks on her back? Sad. That’s why we have No wake Zones, to protect the Manatees!!!

Sadly we didn’t catch any fish, but we had a good time cruising around. I got an awesome tank top tan. Ha.


Best news of the week: I ran pain free. wheeeee!!!!! More on that tomorrow!

A windy day fishing is better than sitting on the couch watching life pass you by!


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