Getting’ the chatuanga down


Oh yeeaahhh! It’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday. I live for the weekends!

Tuesday after work I decided to do Biggest Loser Cardio Max. I have had this DVD for a few years.The very first time I did the dvd I did the whole thing, which is like an hr of squatting & lunging. I was sooooo sore I cried. I honestly could barely walk. Going up and down the stairs at our hold house was tear-inducing. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I cried getting in & out of bed. awful.

The DVD can be broken down into separate levels. There are three cardio levels that they recommend you spread out over 6 weeks.

I somehow managed to miss that it was separate work outs the first time I did it. It was horrible. It took me a really long time to do that DVD again, I was so scared.

This time was a much better experience. I did the cardio level 1. It involved a lot of squatting, and lunging. Bob Harper really loves his squats & lunges. There is a 5 minute warm up, and a 5 minute cool down. I definitely appreciate the warm up, and cool down more then when I initially did this DVD. I was “to cool” for that stuff. Now, I realize that it’s necessary. I like the workout, and I will do it again.

For dinner last night we had a Sweet Potato black bean enchiladas from Janetha’s blog, Meals and Moves. They were super good! I had a lot of chicken to cook, so we have left overs for a few days, but that’s fine w/ me. Smile 

Today when I got off work I wanted to do Jillian Michaels Yoga Melt Down. I thought I had the DVD, but I couldn’t find it, so apparently I don’t. I must have done it on Exercise TV on-demand. As I’ve mentioned a few times the on-demand hasn’t been working, and today was no different. I reset our cable box, and that made one yoga work out available:

Yoga Sculpt: run time: 32 minutes

This intermediate to advance workout is a mix of flow and static poses designed to create positve inner engery while sculpting and stretching your entire body.

I definitely don’t consider myself to be in the intermediate yoga group, but this was all I could get to work so I went with it. It actually wasn’t to bad. I felt like I got some good stretches, and some of the poses were challenges. It definitely wasn’t JM Melt Down, but it was good.


I know I’m getting stronger because the chaturanga wasn’t nearly as impossible.

I have PT in the morning and I’m slightly excited about it. I’m ready to get back to running. Although, I will admit that I’m really enjoying all the cross training. I’ve never been big on cross-training. Fine. I never did cross training prior to this injury. I just couldn’t find time to do it. I would rather be running than bouncing around in my living room. Running gives me confidence, but this cross-training gives me a different kind of confidence.

With cross-training I’m getting an all over work out. I’ve been working on push-ups (I did 20 today @ lunch). I’ve been doing other upper body work. Planks, triceps, & biceps. I’ve been doing some core work, and I’ve been doing a ton of squatting, lunging and jumping. I feel like I’m getting a well-rounded work out and I think that it’s more important than I realized. It’s important physically, but most of all it’s important mentally.

I think a lot of people’s mood changes with their ability to work out. If you can’t run, or work out does it start to affect your self confidence? Or am I just a total weirdo??


Live your life, but don’t go broke doin’ it


5 thoughts on “Getting’ the chatuanga down

  1. Not being able to run totally has affected my confidence in the past – so I totally understand where you are coming from. It has been a while since and injury has prevented me from runing (KNOCK ON WOOD.. REALLY REALLY HARD) – and now that I know more about cross training and strength training – I can look at it from a different perspective. I actually tend to believe that there are many workouts that are more beneficial to my body then running!

  2. Not being able to workout REALLY affects my mood. You’re getting creative and handling this injury well. I wish I could get into strength training. Like you, I use it as a last resort.

    • Ha! I know! At least this time I didn’t fall flat on my face. I’m probably not doing it 100% right, but it was better.

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