That’s just pathetic

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!!

Yesterday morning I had my first physical therapy session. I’m going to the same place I went last year so I pretty much knew what to expect.

I really like this Physical Therapy place, Action Potential Rehab. The staff is very nice, and knowledgeable. My last round there I worked with the owner, and today my eval was done by the owner. I just feel really relaxed there, and that is important to me.

He started the eval by testing out my leg strength with various tests. These always make me feel kind of self-conscious. I don’t know what my strength should be, so I never know if I’m doing good, or bad. Not that there really is a good or bad, but I guess there is strong, and weak(er).

The one test that made me laugh, and showed me how weak my right hip is went something like this:

I laid on my right side with my left leg lifted up and extended out. Then I lifted my right leg off the table as well. Basically my hip and upper body was only on the table. Then the PT held my left leg and pushed down on my right leg. He told me not to let him push my right leg down.


right. I wasn’t able to keep him from pushing my leg down. I said, “Yah right, who could do that?” His response, “You’d be surprised.”


My left leg strength was much better. uh-oh. I guess my right hip is the problem. At some point he had me do a balance test. I had a lot more trouble balancing on my right leg then I did on my left leg. crap.

Then I had to walk across the room several times so…. I don’t know why. I guess so he can see my gait?? As I’m walking across the room towards him he busts out laughing and says, “You walk like a runner.”  ….. I have no idea what a runner walks like so I asked? He said, “You don’t move your arms at all when you walk.”  I have no idea how this pertains to runners, but okay.

Then he says, “you have the biggest tendon in your quad I’ve ever seen.  A lot of people’s muscles goes all the way down to their knee cap, but your muscle just stops and your tendon is huge.”

I can’t help but laugh. Maybe that’s what is wrong with me?


There are many things that it could be, like, messed up hamstrings. He says that your hamstrings connect to the back of your knee, and that could be the tightness that I’m feeling in my knee. So then he made me do this horrific hamstring test. I sat on the edge of the table, he held my leg and I had to pull my leg in, and push it out while he is pulling as well. not fun. That one actually was really hard. But it didn’t make my knee hurt.


After a few more tests he tells me that he wants to try to aggravate my knee so it sets up on the on the treadmill. I run at a 6.0 for about 6 minutes with out any pain. I bumped it up to a 6.5 to try and induce the pain. Right around 10 minutes it started to hurt.

He also told me that I have really loose knee caps and that there is almost no track of them. They kind of just sit on top. He said that if I do yoga I should be careful because my knee caps have the potential to pop out. {awesome}.

After my eval he told me that I should refrain from running until after we start the strengthening exercises. He said he is almost positive that all my knee pain is due to weakness in my hips. (Which I pretty much already knew, but don’t really know how to take care of it by myself).

One last thing, then I swear I’ll stop talking. I asked the PT about the knee brace. He said he didn’t know after one session whether or not I should wear a knee brace. He didn’t seem to think that it would be helpful right now. I’m glad, I didn’t want to throw down the cash for that anyways. Smile with tongue out

My next appointment is Thursday morning @ 7:30. I think I might do an easy(er) work out tonight so my legs are exhausted tomorrow morning.

I actually kind of like physical therapy. I wish I had a trainer because I think it might be some what similar. Some one telling you what to do; someone that actually know what they are talking about. Kind of like Bob & Jillian, but maybe not quite so hardcore. I’m excited for this round of physical therapy, and really hoping that it fixes the problem.

If you’ve ever had hip issues, and did do physical therapy, how did you resolve the issues? I don’t know how I would fix this on my own. I know that I should do hip strengthening exercises, but there are so many things to consider. I don’t want to have to do PT every 8 months. I want to keep this thing at bay.

Just a funny picture I found while searching for pictures for this post.


9 thoughts on “That’s just pathetic

  1. Thanks for the indepth description of your appointment. I really like to hear what professionals say about problems.. because all runners deal with some sort of issue – and knee pain is definitely up there. I never had hip problems.. mine was an IT band problem. I was in PT for 6 weeks.. doing exercises.. getting ultrasound, etc. I didn’t run for the whole 6 weeks. I only stopped because my insurance ran out – (I was kicked off of my parents when Iturned 23).. so I just stopped. But continued the exercises and stretches at home. i still do them now.. almost 3 yrs later.. if I feel pain starting to return

    • Oh, that’s another reason I love this place; Insurance. They don’t even take my insurance but they are honoring my in-network benefits ( I don’t have out of network). So they will see me 3x/wk for 3wks and I pay $30 copay and that’s all they get. They don’t get paid from the insurance, and they don’t bill me for it. They are good people.

      I’m horrible at doing “home work.” Hopefully I can remember everything they teach me so I can continue at home so I don’t have this problem over & over again.

  2. Hopefully the PT helps tremendously with your hip strength and knee pain and you’re back to running soon. I wanted to tell you that reading about you not giving up on working out and staying in shape even when you can’t run has really motivated me to do the same. Now I’m actually enjoying doing other stuff.

    On an unrelated note, kneecaps give me the heebie jeebies and the thought that yours could pop out makes me break out into a cold sweat. Ack.

    • Thank you for telling me that. That means a lot to me. I’m glad that I can help you get/stay motivated. I used to really despise cross training and anything that wasn’t running related. Now that I can’t run I’m finding that I actually enjoy these other workouts. They are so satisfying. I’m feeling more and more confident with my body; even if there isn’t any change yet. I know that I’m doing something to keep myself in shape. I’m sweating hard and it just feels good. I’m really enjoying Bob Harper’s DVDs. They are the right amount of hard. Insanity is fun too, but it’s insane for sure. Keep moving!

  3. Jena, this is great. It sounds like he really looked into things, and hopefully he will be able to help! This also makes me think that maybe I should have went to PT when my knee problems started a few weeks ago. Luckily I think I’m feeling almost 100% now, but it’s always scary to think that I might be just “one run away” from something going terribly wrong.

    (But never mind that. I will just think positive, and hopefully have no problems these next 2 weeks.)

  4. When I tore my MCL, all the PT before and after surgery was to build up my hip muscles. It kicked my butt(literally)! I hope this helps you!

  5. I am going to a PT on Saturday for hip pain! I think it is due to tight hips and probably weak so I am curious to find out what she thinks. I haven’t run for almost two weeks so hopefully I can start again soon

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