Keeping it local

If you are a West Coast Florida reader maybe you’ve heard by now that the Rock n’ Roll people are bringing a half-marathon to St. Pete. Great, right?



Not Great.

They are planning to do the race on Feb 12th, which is horrible for all of the local race organizations that also have races around that same time.

Chris Laubner, from Florida Road Races provides runners with four great races from October – March.

  • In October Mr. Laubner provides runners with the Florida Halloween Halfathon in beautiful Ft. Desoto. There is a 5k & a half-marathon
  • In December he provides us with the Florida Holiday Halfathon starting in beautiful Madeira beach. Half-Marathon only
  • In January we are offered THREE great races by Florida Road Races, 5k, 5 miler & half-Marathon . Clearwater Running & Fitness Festival
  • To wrap up the series in March, Chris offers us yet another awesome race in Ft. Desoto! The Florida Beach Halfathon (Where I’ve personally run, and PR’d TWICE!)

Oh, and if that isn’t enough for you, then you could come out and support Lorraine Yaslowitz on May 15th (date corrected. Thanks Jenny!)  at the Inaugural Police Appreciation 10k, 5k, & 1 mile walk.

Lorraine Yaslowitz is the wife of Jeffrey Yaslowitz, an officer that was killed in the line of duty in January, along with Sgt. Thomas Baitinger. The race also is in memory of Officer Dave Crawford who was killed in the line of dutin in February. Mrs. Yaslowitz, along with race director Chris Laubner have put together a great event to honor the memory of our Fallen Officers.

If one of those four half-marathon’s doesn’t do it for ya, then check out the Women’s Half-Marathon in St. Pete in November. I ran this race last year and while it wasn’t my best race personally, it is a very well put together race! The course is beautiful (even if I don’t like running through the Trop). It’s flat and fast!

and theeeeennnnnnnn….

If you love Tampa then you definitely need to check out all the events offered at Gasparilla! This year Gasparilla is holding their races March 3 & 4th. A little later than last year, but a great time of year none-the-less. They offer a 5k, 15k, half-marathon and several challenges.

These race groups have been providing us with races for a long time. We should support them by continuing to run in their events. They were here when RnR wasn’t, and they will be here (hopefully if RnR doesn’t put them under) when RnR is gone.

Check out Kristen’s reponse to RnR coming to St. Pete. She also listed a heck of a lot more local races than I did. There are plenty of options for half-marathons on the West Coast of Florida.. Most of them are reasonably priced. We’ll see how much an RnR race will set ya back soon I’m sure.

All I’m sayin’ is, Keep it local. Support your local race directors! They care about our community, they care about us runners!


5 thoughts on “Keeping it local

  1. Thanks for the mention and the write up.
    I LOVE running Ft. DeSoto and look forward to all of Chris’ races this coming season.
    I’m thinking of doing the Inaugural Police Appreciation – if the swelling in my knee subsides.

    Regardless, I’ve enjoyed the races I’ve attended. They’ve been well put together, have wonderful volunteers and beautiful courses.
    Also looking forward to Gasparilla.

    I say Support Local! If you’re dying to run the RnR, fine. Remember to also support local events. We’re a community – let’s keep it that way.

  2. I’m really disappointed that it won’t be a full. I doubt I’ll participate in that race now.
    Husband and I are doing the 5K for Yas, Bait and Crawford. And the date is the 15th (Sunday) by the way. 🙂 Are you planning on running it or is the knee still keeping you sidelined?

    • I’m not registered for that race as of now. I’m supposed to go to PT tuesday, and get a knee brace at some point. We’ll see how it feels next week. I might do the 5k. I doubt i’ll be pulling out any speedy records. I just want to run to support Mrs. Yaslowitz, and the other Officers families.

  3. Hey Jena – thanks so much for the kind words. It means more to me than you will ever know. I am humbled by the outpouring of support from our community and beyond. Hope your knee is up for next week’s race, but even if you simply walk, it’s all about the support for Lorraine and the police. Love the layout of your blog. See you soon! – chris

  4. I completely agree with you! I’m a huge fan of smaller local races – I hate the logistical mess and over priced fee for a “name brand” race. Sure, they are great every once in a while, but most of my races are locals!

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