Here it is:

May is a new month. Hopefully it will be filled with lots of running and lots of great cross-training.

During the month of April I really found a new respect for weight training. Granted I can’t do a whole lot at home but I have done some and I do see some results in my arms.

April was also a month of slacking off on my healthy eating trend. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve gained a few pounds. It’s nothing to go truly crazy over, but gaining a few pounds here and there is how people end up being overweight.

A few things I know;

  • I drink way to much coffee. Iced coffee or hot coffee, I drink to much.
  • I don’t drink  a lot of coke(dr. pepper), but I do drink some.
  • I’ve drinking more alcohol than I care to admit (No Mom, I’m not an alcoholic). but I’ve been drinking a few times a week, and that’s not cool.


So, what’s the point of this you ask?

I’m carving out a plan for the month of May.

  • No alcohol
  • one cup of coffee per day (hot or cold)
  • no soda at all

I will be drinking a lot of hot tea, which is essentially just water, right?


Drinkin’ some tea from my Christmas mug. Don’t be hatin’ on my mug.

Chris & I are doing a 100 push-up in 6 weeks challenge. I downloaded an app on my iPhone today on our road trip to Lake Wales. I was telling Chris about it and he said he would do it with me!! So, bring on the push-ups.

I really just want to get my act together in May. I really want to get back to running some time in the near future. But that doesn’t appear to be happening on it’s own.

I went for tried to go for a 3mi run yesterday. I figured 3 miles is a good distance that lets my legs get warmed up. Oh. They were warmed up alright. First it was probably 85* when I left the house yesterday around 6:30. gross. Then my knee started it’s deal before I even reached a mile. It wasn’t bad, but it was present. I stopped to stretch hoping that it would relieve the pressure. I also did 10 push ups just because I can.


I made it to 1.5 then turned around. The return 1.5 back was a run/walk/pout combo. When I got home Chris asked me how it went. I shook my head no. He said, “Do you think you need to see some one?” I shook my head yes. Then I limped up the stairs.

I went into our bedroom, rolled out my yoga mat and did 10 more push up. Then I did some bicep curls, and some tricep work. Then 10 more push ups.

I decided I should also roooooolllll my IT Band; although at this point I’m not truly convinced it’s my IT Band. I don’t know what it is. It hurts on both sides of my knee (medial & lateral).

Maybe it’s my medial & lateral collateral ligament. This is what I initially thought it was, but then Dr. Google convinced me it was my IT band. Whatever it is isn’t getting any better.

I was thinking about seeing a chiropractor because I’ve heard of some people that had good results. However, I’m a little leary of chiropractors. I just don’t know about all the adjusting that they do. It looks so painful, I don’t know if I could tolerate it.

After talking with the Dr. I work for I decided that I would go back to the same sports med ortho I saw last year.

My Dr. saw the Ortho today @ the hospital and told him I was going to follow up with him. My appt is tomorrow at 3pm…. We’ll see what happens.


I did the Insanity fit test today after work. More on that tomorrow morning. All I can say now is…H-O-L-Y crap.

P.S. I have like 600 wrinkles on my forehead in that picture above. what the heck?!

You only have one life, so live it !!


6 thoughts on “Here it is:

  1. Sorry your run didn’t work out as you had planned.
    I think it is smart for you to go to the ortho – if nothing else – you can get into PT or get some exercises that will help strengthen whatever it is that is wrong.
    I think it is awesome that you have set goals of less coffee, and no alcohol or soda. I hate it when I realize how many calories i’ve consumed in just drinks. I def would rather eat my calories.

    Good luck at the DR. tomorrow..

  2. I think you look cute in that picture 🙂 I have the forward wrinkle thing too. *sigh*

    I go to a chiropractor for my back (scoliosis) and I still have hip/knee problems. I love them for my back — but for anything else I would go to a sports med. dr. or acupuncture.

    Good luck with your goals this month!

  3. I love the mug. 😀

    Wishing you a wonderful May! Good luck with your monthly goals, and hope you get some answers at you appt tomorrow.

  4. I’m currently on a tea diet too. I also was drinking way too much coffee, and I like my coffee with cream and sugar, so drinking tea will cut out a lot of calories for me.
    Don’t worry. My fam thinks I’m an alcoholic too. What they don’t know is that I don’t drink except for when I’m around them…lol.
    Hope you get the knee thing figured out. I have had chronic IT band issues and patellafemoral pain as well. Not fun.

    • Hi@ Thanks for leaving a comment. Since I think you might be new to my blog I feel like I should clarify that I’m not on a “tea diet.” I am just cutting out all the coffee, alcohol & soda. I’m still eating normally, but replacing those drinks with tea. I just wanted to clarifiy because there are a lot of crazy diets out there. I’m definitely not existing on tea-alone 😉

      Hopefully today the Dr. can give me some sort of clue as to “what exactly” is hurting in my knee.

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