Well friends, I have bad news. It’s Sunday night. The weekend is coming to an end and Monday is slowing making her way into our live again. Blargh!

I started my morning semi-early @ 7:30. We had plans to drive to Lake Wales to see Chris’ Mom in the hospital. It is a long, and boring drive. There is nothing to look at and for the most part you drive on country roads. No interstates.

Before our trip got to far underway I asked Chris to PLEASE stop @ Dunkin Donuts. I needed an Iced Carmel Latte “Lite”. & a “Low fat” blue berry muffin. YUMMMO

Chris mapped the trip to be 103mi from the hospital parking lot to our drive way. Google maps said :


That’s pretty good mappin’ skills Babe!


Chris always gets really, really excited when it’s “picture time.” Can’t you tell?


I love picture time. I also love these glasses. You know why? Because it covers the zit that is right between my eyes. not cute.

We visited with Chris’ mom for a while and then it was time for lunch. There is not a whole lot going on in Lake Wales so after driving up and down S.R. 60 we decided to hit up All Star Grill. I’ve been to the one in Davenport once or twice and I wasn’t impressed either time, but I’ll give them another shot.


Veggie Quesadilla. not impressed. It was dripping with grease and the bottom was so soggy I could barely pick it up. ick. I should have gotten the wings, which is what I really wanted.

We went back to the hospital after lunch and visited a little bit longer before hitting the road back to the beach. We hit the road around 3:15.


Are we there yet?

I convinced Chris that we needed to stop @ Dunkin Donuts yet again for another iced latte.


I don’t usually drink two in one day, shoot, I don’t even drink one a day (from dunkin donuts). I have my own iced coffee mix that I use at home.

I’m working on a May challenge for myself, starting tomorrow.  More on that in the morning.

One last picture before I go:

Back story first: When I was 10yrs old my Dad took me on my first boat trip to the Bahamas. We took his 22ft boat from Ft. Pierce to Grand Bahamas. We stayed at Ocean Reef Yacht Club in Freeport. While we were at Ocean Reef my sister & I discovered this drink. It’s like cracked-out mountain dew. Every time I’ve gone to the Bahamas, or if I know someone going to the Bahamas I bring some back (or ask someone else to bring it back).

So my Dad went to Nassau last week for my youngest sister’s spring break. He came back to our house today bearing presents: GOOM BAY PUNCH!!!!!


Proof that my Dad does love me!!!

I didn’t even ask him to bring me any back. It didn’t even occur to me to ask him. He came up stairs with presents in hand and I practically started jumping up and down!!!!

This is really going to put a little damper on my May challenge, but we’ll see what happens.

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. Anything good happen this weekend? Did you race? I’m totally jealous of all the race reports I’ve been reading!! Hopefully I’ll be back out pounding the pavement Monday after work.

You only have one life, so live it !!

2 thoughts on “Vrooooomm

  1. mmm dunkin donuts iced coffee is a good treat though on a warm day… or long car ride… or just because. and at least you’re not spending money at the mall? i can justify anything… haha.

    that goomba soda sounds pretty good! i think a trip to the bahamas is in order now. 🙂

    it happens with some fruits… apples, peaches, pears – but not all (bananas, pineapples, grapes are fine) can’t eat them raw but can have them cooked. just kinda weird.

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