Let’s review, shall we

Monday is here Y’all

It’s been weeks since I’ve really talked about running. So let’s start there, want to?

I ran a whopping 17 miles in the month of April, that is ridic compared to March where I ran 88. Hmph. I’m definitely pouting about this. This weekend was so nice and all I wanted to do was run. I told myself that I would not run until today. Running one day earlier than planned probably wouldn’t have made a difference, but it’s about self-control. (something I really need to work on).

I really hope that my run today after work is going to be pain free. I guess we’ll see.

Now, let’s review the weekend:


When we got home from our road trip last night Chris wanted to sit on the couch. I had other plans. bahahaha. I wanted to go fishing, but Chris wasn’t feeling it. So then I convinced him that we should drive over to Bayport and watch the sunset. He obliged. We rode the motorcycle over to Bayport, wheeee!


I don’t know why, but I love these shadow pictures. I was trying to do a peace sign, but moving around very much on the back of a motorcycle is kind of frowned upon.


It’s kind of challenging to take a picture from the back of a moving motorcycle.


That couple was serious about their picnic. They had a coleman gas stove, glass plates, condiments. They weren’t messing around…Chris asked if they had leftovers.

Bayport is a pretty popular place to watch the sunset. Both parking lots were full of cars and there were lots of people standing out on the pier, and having picnic dinners at the picnic tables. As soon as the sun goes down though, people scatter out of their like roaches when the lights come on (lol, ew).






I’m definitely loving sunsets lately. I can’t help it, they are just so beautiful. My camera doesn’t really do them justice. Maybe one day I’ll have a grown up camera.

I know I mentioned May’s Challenge in Sunday night’s post, but I’m not ready to release the details yet. I’m going to write it up today and I’ll post it tonight.

Any new work outs planned for this week? Are you reading any good books? I’m going to be having a little free time at work in the next few weeks and I’m looking for something good to read.


You only have one life, so live it !!


4 thoughts on “Let’s review, shall we

  1. Again – what a beautiful sunset. I am diggin the pic of the shadow of you two!

    Crossing my fingers for your pain free run. I know how much it sucks to have to take time off – but you did the right thing girl!

  2. I can’t wait until I’m indepenantly wealthy and Monday will be just like any other dayof the week 🙂 You certainly made the most of your weekend though!

    I ready to kick it up a notch in May too. I was looking forward to a running break, and now I feel like such a blob after taking it easy all last month.

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