Part of the “club”

Happy Easter!


Today we went to my hometown to spend some time w/ my family! We left this morning around 8:30 for the 10:00 church service. We decided earlier this week that we would ride the motorcycle today! YAY!

I don’t think I’ve ever rode a bike so far before; We had a crotch rocket a few years ago, but I don’t remember ever going very far on it (and for good reason). The ride was nice today but my butt hurts. I don’t have enough junk in the trunk or if the seat is that uncomfortable but about 30 minutes into the 1.5 hr ride by hiney was numb.

I held my camera for a little while so I could take a few pictures while we rode. What a weirdo; I’m sure Chris really thinks I am a weirdo. To bad he’s already married to me. HA!

I took a video.. It’s sideways; that didn’t occur to me while I was filming it.duh.


Ready to ride & the boat ramp by our house!



Does someone care to tell me what this is? I think it’s a church, but it’s the craziest looking church I’ve ever seen. Thoughts??

After church we went to my sister’s house where Chris got “Tatted up”.”



The finished product. Ha Ha

Then we went to another sister’s house for Easter lunch, and easter egg hunting.


Aidyn finding some eggs  & Maia & Uncle Joe trading easter baskets.


Maia and her “pet” lizard. I don’t even want to talk about the frogs that this girl has! She loves frogs, lizards & bait fish, but don’t ask her to kill a bug. She will freak out!


We also went to my Aunt’s house for another Easter lunch. We didn’t eat since we had just eaten but it was good to see my family. My Grandma is going up to North Carolina for the summer on Wednesday and I wanted to see her before she left.

Much to my dismay somebody busted out an OLD Easter Video. So sorry that  I will not be sharing that video with you! I was probably 12 and we were at my Grandma’s house playing bingo. That was a tradition for a very long time; We would go to wherever Easter lunch was, eat, hang out, and then we would play bingo (all the cousins). There was a prize tray and whoever won bingo would get to pick a prize off the tray.

Looking back, it was a lot of fun and I’m so thankful to have those memories with my cousins! … It was funny to see the video, but a little embarrassing. I don’t think Chris has seen any old home videos of me.. for good reason, I was a total brat.


I loved riding the bike today, it’s a lot of fun and you get a whole new perspective. We are totally part of the motorcycle club now! Sometimes when you pass by other motorcycles they give you a little wave, like “Yo, what’s up you badassmotorcycle guy you”  Not everyone does the wave, but quite a few people do it…kinda cool.


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m off to tackle a gigantic mountain of laundry that I’ve been piling up on the guest bed for sever days.



You only have one life, live it!!


5 thoughts on “Part of the “club”

  1. Sounds like a good weekend!

    Our laundry is about the same right now – although the clothes are all on OUR bed and there aren’t even sheets on the bed…they are in with the pile of laundry. Yah, I should get on that so I have a bed to sleep on tonight!

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  3. Sounds like a great Easter! (just thought I’d mention that 350z guys do the wave to each other. 99% of the time. I think they’re nerds) ;P

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