but I don’t wanna

I am writing Thursday morning’s post on Wednesday night in hopes that I will get up early and get a work-out in before work.

Something’s gotta give, I’ve gained 6lbs in the last 10 days, and that is not cute. I took 8 days off from running and that was not to good for my weight. This tells me that I’m to dependent on running and that I need to watch my diet more, and add in some other routine.


Today was a pretty good day for eats:

  • breakfast: oatmeal
  • snack: black cherry chobani yogurt
  • lunch: salad w/ shredded turkey, apples, mozzerella cheese & italian dressing
  • snack: M&Ms. (I couldn’t resist)
  • dinner: grilled trout w/ steamed broccoli & carrots


Yummmmm Saladddddd

I’ve been diggin’ salad lately so I’m going with it. I’m not real creative with the toppings so I’ve just been using what I already have at home. Tuesday I had salad for lunch, but I forgot my toppings. I only had an apple so I cut it up and put it in. It was pretty tasty, clearly, since I did the same thing today.

Wednesday after work I had plans to run about 6 miles. Then I decided 6 miles was probably to far for my first real run in 10 days. I decided 4 miles would probably be sufficient.

I should have known when my Garmin battery flashed low that this wouldn’t be my run. It was muggy as heck out. The air was so thick I felt like I was running in circles in a glass box with no ventilation. I was having a hellacious time getting my breathing right. Deep breathes were.not.happening.

I decided that I would mix up the run a little bit so at 1.6 miles I did 10 pushes, then 15 jump squats. I did that twice then finished out the .4 mile before my turn around. At this point I’ve already stopped twice to stretch. My knee/IT band is tightening up and I’m getting really annoyed.

At mile 2 I did some more stretching. I was on the look-out for Chris or my neighbor to drive by because I had a feeling my knee was not going to cooperate for the 2 mile run back.

I made it about 3/4 of a mile (stopping to stretch twice) when my neighbor drove by. She saw me stretching, pulled over, and asked if I needed a ride.

Why yes I do.

I’ve never copped out of a run like that. My knee just was not cooperating. It was getting so tight I could feel my gate changing. I was putting most of my weight on my left leg and that’s just no good.

As soon as I got home I went upstairs and started stretching.


I think Chris is getting used to my kooky blog pictures. I said “Babe, will you take a picture of me stretching.”  He said, “Yah”.”  

Didn’t even question the kooky-ness of this. What a good Babe!!

I stretched & foam rolled for about 30 minutes. I found this article and it has a lot of good IT band stretches. Some of which I already do!

I don’t know who this is; it’s the picture in the runningtimes article that I linked above.

This is my favorite stretch. It feels SOOOO goooooooood. I also did some of the leg strengthening exercises that they taught me in physical therapy. I definitely should have been doing those all along.duh.

I really don’t want to take another week off, but I didn’t even make it 3 miles before I had to quit my run today. I obviously can’t keep running like this. Ugh. I really don’t want to go back to the Sports Med Dr. I

I need a game plan. I need to come up with a time frame, that if it’s not better by XXXX date then I’m going back to the sports med.

I want to continue with the strengthening exercises, rolling, and stretching.

Someone give me a time frame. When should I go back to the Sports Med?  The thing is, I think it’s just my IT Band…which he can do nothing about except send me back to physical therapy.

Why are runners so stubborn? Maybe it’s athletes in general that are stubborn? Are you stubborn, or do you go to the Dr at the first sign of an injury?


Happy Thursday, Y’all


You only have one life, so live it.


7 thoughts on “but I don’t wanna

  1. Haha- runners are a stubborn bunch of people I think! Hope you feel better soon. Injuries are just SO frustrating.

    Also, I’m certain you did NOT gain 6 pounds in 10 days. I’m sure some of it’s water weight, scales being inaccurate, weighing yourself at different, etc. Don’t worry; it looks like you’re eating pretty well and getting back on track with your exercise so you’ll be fine.

    Because I’m a dairy girl though, I will say that I only notice 2 servings of dairy in the menu you posted. I think for runner’s especially (but really for everybody) you’re not getting enough calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy if you’re not getting at least 3 servings of dairy. Sorry to sound like a worried mother, but you know it’s only because I like you. 🙂

    • Busted.

      I drink very little milk… I knooow I should drink more milk. Somehow I find it hard to fit into my daily diet. I should try harder, huh?

  2. Just found your blog and you crack me up! I totally get the gain weight if you don’t run thing… ME TOO! Hate it, but it’s a way of life. It seems that running keeps me balanced. So, I run! And yes, I am SO stubborn because I don’t want to go to the Dr for fear of them saying I can’t run– if I can’t run because of the above reason!

  3. Give yourself till Monday. If it’s not even close to being any better by then, get your patoot in to see the doc. The knee’s been bugging you long enough, eh?

    And I think your stretching pic is RAD.

    P.S. emailing you about guest blogging this weekend. Just gotta get my butt through tomorrow’s work shift first. 🙂

    • bleh. It’s been bothering me a little over a month (Since my half on 3/20). I debating whether or not to find a new Sports Med Dr. or go back to the same one. The first one was okay, but I wasn’t overly impressed.

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