Where I come from it’s cornbread & chicken…

c’mon, I know you’ve heard that song? right?
(Where I come from, Alan Jackson)


Thanks to everyone that commented on my Did you know: Uphill Battle post yesterday. I know I’m not the only woman that feels the way I do, but sometimes it definitely feels like it. I know I’m getting better at accepting my body for what it is. I may never be 100% okay, but I’ll take 95%. 🙂


I was stalking myself on my blog and I realized that my archives go back to May of 2009. Huh. I ran my first 5k in October in 2009, so I meandered on over there and LOOK what I found!!! My very first race report. This is pretty much where the addiction started; and I quote:

I told Chris, “I think this is something i’m definently going to get into, I love it” It’s just fun! It’s great to be apart of something like that.  I’ve already been on Runnersworld.com looking for more races coming up! I can’t wait to run again!

I wasn’t messin’ around. I think I’ve run at least one race a month since Oct 2009! Did you write a race report for your first race? Do you love to race?


THIS post is the best.

Incase I ever forget where I came from I can go back to that post. I was excited because my sister & I went “jogging” and I “jogged” all most the entire 3 miles. Sometimes we need a reminder of where we came from.

It’s kind of fun to go back through my old posts and read what was going on in my life. Remember that time I was running on a local trail (in our old town) and I saw some kids with a gun? That was bonkers!

It’s a nice reminder that we all started somewhere.

You can read more of my race reports:


I really enjoy reading back through my old race reports. It’s pretty neat to remember how I felt after a particular race. I don’t have much of a racing strategy so there is not much to go back and learn from in that aspect; except maybe don’t eat cereal before a race because milk doesn’t settle well.

I did not get to run yesterday like I was planning. I received a call that my Uncle was back in the hospital and he was asking for my Dad. My Dad & I drove to Clermont to spend some time with my Uncle and his Family. We got home around midnight and I practically fell into the bed.

Hopefully today after work I will be able to get 6 miles in. I haven’t run 6 miles in a while; I know I can do it, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a slow and painful process. I really hope my IT band is straightened out. Any work out plans for today? Classes? Running? Cycling? What’s up today?

You only have one life, so live it!!

3 thoughts on “Where I come from it’s cornbread & chicken…

  1. I also like to comb through old posts and race recaps! I never really thought about writing race recaps when I started blogging about cows and the farm. But now it’s awesome because I have a log of my races, photos, times, etc. I doubt I would actually journal or record this stuff otherwise, but I’m glad I have it.

    Today I need to run (a lot). I haven’t gone further than 4 miles since my 20, so today needs to be a serious running day.

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