Only 2 days until we take a little trip. A little trip that will put us on an island. An island with no amenities. Just us, our tents, some good friends, lots of sun, fishing, and good times.

I am beyond excited. I’ve been counting down for at least a week. I’ve known about the trip for a while. We are going to be going camping in Boca Grande. We will park the truck at the boat ramp and take the boat over to a little island. It’s not far from the mainland. We could probably swim there if we had to. This will be the 2nd time we’ve gone camping there.. somehow I have no pictures of this trip. I obviously did not blog back then.

Here are a few pics from another camping trip we went on; this time we stayed on Shell Key, an island off of Ft. Desoto (south of St. Pete).DSC00313DSC00359 DSC00315DSC00330



I love these kind of trips. It’s a lot of work to think of everything that we’ll need, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. In the 6 years that Chris & I have been together, we have never been on a vacation together that did not revolve around fishing. Seriously.

2006: Grand Bahamas : took my Dad’s boat from Ft. Pierce to Grand Bahamas: fished for 7 days

2007: Same trip as 2006
2008: Camped @ Sebastian Inlet, fished for 6 days
2009: 2 camping trips: Boca Grande & Shell Key
2010: No vacation..we built a house.. and moved to the west coast. Every day was vacation

When we get to Boca Grande I won’t be checking twitter, facebook, or my e-mail. I plan on doing a whole lot of fishing, and relaxing with my friend. We have big plans to catch lots of fish and get lots of sun!!!

We clearly love fishing and the beach. What is your favorite type of vacation? 


Tuesday after work I went for a walk around the neighborhood with a friend. My knee has not been sore at all since Sunday… of course. It’s pretty hard to not run when my knee isn’t bothering me at all, but, I’m taking this week off. I want my IT band to be completely rested. I’ve totally been slacking in the foam rolling department and icing. After our walk my knee did hurt a tiny, tiny bit. wah. I hope by next Monday it’s feeling much better. It’s really boring not running. I have plenty of things to do..none of which I’ve done.


Happy Hump Day, Y’all


One thought on “Unplugged

  1. Have fun! I like camping…Chris likes fishing and such, but he prefers to do it from a cabin. Wimp. I’m the one that will completely spaz out near a spider, but he is the one wanting a cabin…psht!

    Good luck nursing that knee! It really is hard to hold off when it doesn’t hurt, or doesn’t hurt “as much”! Have fun fishing! 🙂

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