Race Report: Iron Girl 5k


This morning I got up before the butt crack of dawn for my pre-race prep. Incase you missed my post this morning, check it out here.

I seriously got up at 3:20am (ridic). Ate some blueberry muffins for breakfast, drank an iced coffee & was out the door by 4:40.  I was meeting the running group in Clearwater for group pictures (which I missed, go figure..)  Carolyn & I met in the library parking lot so we could right the trolley over to Clearwater beach together.

We had no problems getting on the trolley, besides the 25 minute wait. We hit up the potties with no issues then rode over to the start line. The trolley situation was kind of nuts. We got on okay, but when we left the line was sooooooo long. I seriously don’t know how some of the people made it to the race start on time, it was nuts.

We did a warm up run; about 1.3 miles. I must say I’m pretty proud of us for actually doing a warm up run. I was already sweating before the start of the race. It was really warm this morning.


please take note of the time. 4:37am, and it was already 73 with 82% humidity. Oh yah, that makes for a great race.


Start time was 7:15 for the 5k. Miraculously we started on time. Carolyn & I were lined up toward the front so we didn’t have to wait long before crossing the line.


046UH, iPhone pictures are not cute.


I don’t have any pictures of me on the course right now. Don’t you worry though, I will share the pics when I get them.

This race went so fast. I mean, my time was fast, but mentally it was fast. At the turn around I couldn’t believe we were already turning around. I ran with out music, so that is even more surprising that it went so fast.



Official results:

bib number:2992
overall place: 28 out of 1905
division place: 5 out of 289
gender place: 28 out of 1911
time: 23:43

Yah. So. My results are good. Hell, they are great. I mean, top 5 out of 289 women in my AG… yah, that’s awesome.. but…..

Can I be honest? I’m a little disappointed. I slacked off during the 2nd mile. I don’t even know what happened. I can’t give a mile-by-mile recap. I honestly do not remember.

I remember there was a tiny little girl in front of me for the entire race (she was 9 or 10 I’m guessing).. she started to slow down and I kept encouraging her to keep going. I said, “You didn’t run this fast, for this long to quit now. Keep going.” I asked her if it was her first 5k, she said no. ( I didn’t think so, this little girl was haulin’ tail!”) In the end she picked it up and killed me at the finish. I don’t know what her name was, and I don’t know what her time was, but she was fast! She was getting lots of cheers. Everyone we ran by was cheering her on, it was totally awesome! That’s pretty much the only thing I remember.

I didn’t feel like I was going to die at the end; this tells me I didn’t go hard enough. blargh.

My knee says I went hard enough. It didn’t hurt while I was running but sitting around after the race was painful. It tightened up and now walking is painful. fail.

There will be other 5ks and I will definitely have a chance to beat my PR. I know I can do it; it’s just a matter of pushing myself a little harder.

Don’t get me wrong, 23:43 is a great time and I’m happy with it, but I want better.  I don’t want people leaving me nasty comments like they did on Megan’s blog when she commented that her half marathon time was slow(for her).

I’m officially taking this entire week off. Monday to Monday with no running. This is actually a perfect week to take off since we will be camping Thursday – Sunday. 



15 thoughts on “Race Report: Iron Girl 5k

  1. Great job on the race! The hill was nuts, and you did great. It was also wicked hot, which I’m sure had a huge effect.

    I think it’s great that you set goals, and aren’t content until you meet them. You are rising above mediocrity, which most people don’t have the guts to do. Keep up the good work!

    Ps. I’m sooo offended that you are upset about a 23:43… that’s 10 seconds faster than my PR!! haha… kidding, of course. 🙂

  2. I’ve had races like that – where I couldn’t give you a mile by mile recap even if I re-walked the course. Its almost like I forgot I was racing and just zoned out!

    Anyway – great job on kicking the heat and racing! Most recaps on this race commented on the heat, the hills and the over all “I tried, but I just couldn’t meet that goal!”.

  3. #1 – awesome job on the race!
    #2 – AMAZING job on actually doing a warm-up! I rarely do these, and really should!!
    #3 – It is always great when little kids do great on runs, but sometimes I get peeved when they beat me! I always think – oh, don’t worry they are starting out way to fast and will fade soon. And when they don’t, I am super impressed, and a little sad that they kicked my butt! 🙂

    • I definitely thought the girl had started out to fast and was going to fade away. At mile 1.5 I was pretty sure she was in for the long haul. Usually the kids fade away in the first 1/2 mi. This girl was awesome, and she was getting lots of cheers. It was totally cool, and made my run way better! It was awesome to see her finish with such speed!

  4. WOOT! Good job, dude!

    Let me just say that I am TERRIFIED for this coming Saturday. I was running in 43 degrees, cloudy, and a little wind on Saturday morning for my race and I was HOT. Uh…

    My first FL run will be on Wednesday morning. I’ll let ya know how it goes.


    • You will be okay. Just hyrdate well the day before, and don’t over dress. I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like this weekend, but I’m sure it’s hot.

  5. YEAH for not wanting to die at the end! It was SO hot.

    I’ve never done a warm-up run, but after seeing your results, maybe I need to start! 🙂

    • I just recently started the warm up runs…like 2 weeks ago. Both weeks I ran a sub 24 5k, so I think I’ll continue to do them. Usually when I do short distances my legs are kind of achy for the first mile while they warm up. I haven’t had any trouble the last two races! Give it a try.

  6. great race! my trick for mile 2 is that i know the pain is coming. in XC we were always told that mile 2 hurts the worst, so to me that is mentally the toughest mile.

    in mile 1 i go, making sure i’m not going too hard (ie blasting it only to die later). i can let my mind wander. then in mile 2 i actively focus the whole time on pushing the pace. and then mile 3 i have the, “last mile, home stretch” that kind of stuff — easier to get through.

    • Hm, good thoughts. I would usually say that mile 3 hurts the worst.. or the last 1/2 mi. By that point I’m about to die, can’t breath and ready to be done. But, I do think, “Oh yes, only 1 mile to go, 8 minutes and i’ll be done with this race, yay!” I really was telling myself just a few more minutes and I’ll be done on Saturday.
      Thanks for the tips!

  7. Great job you speed demon! Sorry you didn’t stay as strong as you wanted in the 2nd mile, but I think it’s awesome you encouraged the young girl ahead of you. Enjoy your week off. That’s definitely a great idea every now and then. 🙂

  8. You’re so speedy! Congrats on a great race. I think regardless of how fast you are you’re ALWAYS competing against yourself. If you aren’t happy with your time – it’s OK to be disappointed. Sometimes, I think it’s harder to accept those hard runs than it is to run the PRs. You will get your PR and SOON!

  9. I love this post in light of Megan’s recent comments. I think you worded your feelings towards your time and place very well. It’s about “your” personal best and not anyone else’s. Great race recap. I hope your knee feels better soon! Make sure to go to the doc if you really need to!

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