This weekend felt like a Florida summer weekend. Not only was it hot as ballz I spent a lot of time outside. It was grand!

Friday night I got to stay up late and drink because I cancelled my Saturday morning run.

Saturday morning I got some coffee with my new friend and got my hair colored. …which I did not write about because apparently I was to busy on Saturday to blog, huh.

Did you even notice that I got my hair colored?

I think it’s pretty obvious my hair is quite a bit darker now than it was last week. YAY! I love dark hair. It makes my eyes stand out. Uh, you can’t tell in that ridiculous picture of me, but it does.

Sunday I ran in the Iron girl 5k, where I took ridiculous pictures of myself at 4:30 am, and then raced in the Florida heat at 7:15 am. Ugh.


You should definitely check out these race reports: Meghann, Kelly, Katy(SingingRunner){In Katy’s recap, I’m the girl in the orange shirt. I seriously felt like a superstar today, ha ha!!} , Katy(kwidrick) & Megan (If you want me to add your recap, leave me a comment).

Random thought of the day:

Sometimes there are things I want to write about, but I guess I don’t have the balls to say what I really want to say. Does that ever happen to you? The problem is, I don’t know exactly who reads my blog, or how often. I never want to hurt feelings, or call anyone out, but sometimes things happen in my life and I want to write about it. I guess writing is therapeutic for me, but I can’t write my feelings because I’m not into drama.

Do you ever feel this way? Or, do you just say what is on your mind and deal with the repercussions later?

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