Pardon the mess por favor

I’ve been thinking about switching to a self-hosted site for a while now. I finally decided last night to make the switch, why the heck not, right? Besides the fact that it costs $$.. Oh well, ya can’t take it with ya.

What do you think about this background/theme? 

I really like it. I think it’s pretty neat that it changes colors when you scroll down the page. I haven’t looked @ all the themes yet so I’m not 100% decided, but I liked this one.

I’m still adding all the widgets so I can get the pictures back up on the sidebar. It took me longer than I’m willing to admit to figure out how to transfer my wordpress blog over. It wasn’t that difficult, but I’m special when it comes to reading directions.

I do have an actual blog post planned. It’s partially written, hopefully I’ll be able to finish it tonight and get it posted.

Hope your Wednesday is going well so far. Mine is going swell. I have on a cute outfit, at least I think it’s cute.. so that’s making me kinda happy. Ha Ha

 Happy Hump Day!


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