sweaty mcsweaterson

Monday has come and gone y’all. My day was pretty uneventful, what about you?

The Dr. had an emergency surgery so that ate up the majority of his day so I had the office to myself until 3:30. I usually have the office to myself most of the day. The Dr. stops in at some point if we aren’t seeing patients to make sure I don’t need him to do anything. He usually calls and checks in as well, but he can’t really do that from the OR.

After reading Sarah’s retail therapy post yesterday I decided that I had to hit up the nearest Old Navy & Marshalls. She got some great deals @ TJ Maxx, but we don’t have once that is very close so I substituted w/ Marshalls.

I’m way to lazy to actually take pictures of what I got. Sorry. I bought 2 skirts, one tank-top type shirt, and a long sleeve wicking thumb shirt (this was the best deal!). I didn’t pay over $10 for any one item, yay! I didn’t find anything @ Marshalls. I was pretty much over it by time I made it to marshalls. I have a low tolerance for shopping sometimes, my wallet appreciates it.

I got home around 7, changed right into my running clothes and headed outside. Blech. It was soooo hot. There was a ridiculous headwind(not like the winds they are having up in IL/MN/OH area) but still windy none-the-less.


This as been my longest run outside since my half on 3/20. Lame.  I struggled through pretty much the entire run. I didn’t really have a set goal in mind for time but I did want to keep it under 9:00. success!

Summer is coming, and I’m a little nervous. Last summer was my first summer of running and it was brutal:



I’m hoping to have a better summer, starting today. {I know it’s spring but it’s actually summer in Florida}


It’s time for bed.


Hope you had a great Monday

4 thoughts on “sweaty mcsweaterson

  1. Ugh…the fun of running in heat. No thanks! I’ll take spring…give me rain and 50 degree temps, I’ll take that over heat any day! I am not excited for the humidity of July and August where I’m getting out of bed at 4am just to run before the sun makes it even hotter!

    Yeah, we get a ton of snow and it just kept coming this year but I think I’m okay with it… 🙂

    • ….and today it’s chilly outside. It rained this morning and that cooled it way down. I’m looking forward to a run this afternoon!

  2. how about morning running? i’m not great at it myself but it helps in the summer… (i’m in sc, so i deal with my share of humidity!)

    i’m with you – i love a good deal and maxx/marshall’s/etc always have cute things… but i do not like shopping for long! i usually pick out things and buy them all, try them on at home and return the ones i don’t want. haha. i’m also not great at returning things but it motivates me to do it so i can get my money back.

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