Well, isn’t that just lovely.

It looks like I’ll be BFF with the treadmill this week. I suppose I should not complain to much since we had such amazing weather this weekend. But two days of amazing weather does not = 5 days of craptastic weather. I mean, really? Geesh. I might need to invest in a kayak because I will have to paddle my way out of the neighborhood if it actually rains this much this week. That’s the truth. I also need to invest in some rubber boots. You think I’m kidding about this rain flooding our neighborhood, but that’s a true story. I will try to take some pictures on my way home. It’s a mess. (We are required to have flood insurance in our area.awesomeness.)

At least the weekend forecast doesn’t show rain. I’d hate to have to bail on my Saturday long run, and that ain’t getting done on the treadmill fo’ sho! Oh, just remembered i’m running a 5k on Saturday. Hm, maybe a long run on Sunday?

Wow, just looked @ the hourly forecast. If the weatherman is right, and you know they never are, it’s supposed to rain solid for the day and a half. We get a break Wednesday early in the morning. I might have to go out for a run Wednesday morning!!  David suggested this schedule for my Spring/Summer schedule.

Mon- 6
Tues- 3
Thurs- 6
Sat- 10  (I think I’m going to alternate btwn 10 & 12)

This keeps me at a mileage of 25-27 a week, which sounds great to me.  I might have to switch it around this week since it’s going to be raining on us all week and the sun might come out Wednesday morning. Oh shooot, the power is flickering. WAH!


If THIS doesn’t make you saw Holy*#$%  nothing will: It’s a video of a GINORMOUS shark swimming next to a kayaker. It says the kayak is a 14ft kayak. The shark is WAY bigger than that. Seriously. YOU  MUST CHECK IT OUT.. It’s amazing. I wish I could see something this amazing in person. I would have peed my pants from excitement!!


Well, it’s still raining. I’m going to make a cup of coffee. I keep yawning.

Hopefully our day is drier than mine!

Happy Monday y’all


One thought on “Well, isn’t that just lovely.

  1. Pee for excitement?! Hell no. I would probably have a heartache and then get eaten because I was flopping around like a dying seal! This is why I prefer mountains to beaches…I’ll take on a mad mountain goat or cougar over a shark any day!

    Have fun bonding with the TM…hope that rain quits. Having that many days of overcast skies and depressing rain will probably suck, even with out the TM. Good luck!

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