Embrace the Suck 10k:race report

It’s still raining. 13 hours later, and it’s still pouring.




Imagine 5 days of this. Oy vey!

So, running outside is not happening. Carolyn & I were simultaneously whining on the interwebz about having to run 6 miles on the treadmill. 

I tweeted her this:


then she tweeted me this:


Sometimes you just need a little motivation. When I got home I created my own race bib (I drew on the back of one I already had)


This pretend 10k is the only thing that pulled me through that treadmill run. It was Horrible.with a capital H.


First picture is probably 1.5 in..last picture is when I got done. Hello smeared mascara.

I started watching The Newlyweds: Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Season 1 around mile 3. lolz. {I loved that show when it was on. It makes me laugh so hard}


I actually ran about 7.3 miles. My treadmill has a 10k button so I hit that and started..then somehow I managed to hit some other button which reset the whole thing. I was about 5 songs in so I’m guessing I was about 1.3 miles in. I don’t know. Maybe only a mile.. whatever.

I hit the 10k button again and started over. This run was not fun. I ran 6.2mi in 60:02. According to dailymile that is a 9:40. It felt hard.


9 thoughts on “Embrace the Suck 10k:race report

  1. That rain and flooding looks awful. 😦 hope it lets up sooner than expected. Way to go toughing it out on the treadmill- you made it through OVER 10K!!

  2. You are hilarious! Great way to get yourself through an hour on the TM…you are doing better than I am!

    Hope the rain stops – that is insane!

  3. You are hilarious! That is a great way to get yourself through an hour on the TM…you are doing much better than me! 🙂

    Hope the rain stops…and soon. That is insane!

    • Sorry for the double post – the comments are being weird – I didn’t notice it actually posted *above* Lisa, although is says I’m posting at 5:51 and it is 7:58. Whatever. Enjoy my double comment! 😉

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