What do you get when you mix..

Kayaking + Yoga?

Kayoga, of course.

Saturday morning I met Carolyn, Jenny, & Sara in Ft. Desoto to get our Kayoga on!

kayoga 3

We loaded up in our kayaks and took off to Shell Key.

kayoga 5

I have no idea how long it took to get to Shell Key, but I’m going to guess it took between 30-45 minutes. That is what Tim, the guide, told us. I felt like we were paddling up hill, with the wind blowing against us the whole time. I don’t think I’m a very efficient kayaker, but I had a pretty good time doing it!

We saw lots of mullet jumping, and quite a few sting rays (my 2nd favorite animal!!)

When we got to the beach we hung out for a few minutes before we started yoga.

kayoga 2Don’t pretend you don’t like my lifejacket!


After a little break we got our Yoga on.

The yoga instructor was really good. I don’t know what is typical for yoga, but he moved through the poses slowly and I had no trouble keeping up or figuring out what I should be doing. The only trouble I had was that darn crow pose. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would (or did) struggle with that tricky crow pose. I did enjoy the yoga. I don’t know if yoga is really my thing but I did enjoy it out on the beach.

After yoga we hung out on the beach for a few minutes and then loaded up in our kayaks and headed {back up hill} to the take off point. I swear we paddled against the current both ways. I don’t know what was going on but I was struggling the whole time. I enjoyed the trip, but I was over it by the time we got back to the beach. Smile 

kayoga 4

kayoga 1

My shoulders were only a little sore when I got out of bed this morning.


After I left the Ladies, I met up with some other friends from high school! I met Shana & Jess in St. Pete and we had lunch at Twisted Tarpon. I had a veggie wrap and it was very yummy, even if I asked for no tomatoes and it still came out w/ tomatoes. I know, you are probably wondering how I can have a veggie wrap w/o tomatoes. easy. I don’t eat raw tomatoes. EW!

After lunch we headed to St. Pete beach where we our tan on. It was great to lay out and catch up with friends. It’s been a really long (to long) time since I’ve seen either Shana or Jessica.

It was a great day of sun & fun! I couldn’t ask for a better Saturday!

5 thoughts on “What do you get when you mix..

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  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! 🙂

    Trying out yoga on a beach is a great way to start…at the very least you’ll like the beach! I can’t decide how I feel about yoga either. I attempt it but don’t love it so I don’t really commit – which may be why I don’t love it…

  3. Glad it all went well! I’ve never been kayaking, but I enjoy canoeing (and I imagine it must be somewhat the same). Fun to hear about your yoga experience too. I keep meaning to get a yoga video and try it out. I need to get on that!

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