I can’t breathe, but it feels so good

Thanks to Courtenay, I went to Target when I got off work last night. It’s 100% her fault that I had to go there, see:


Of course I rushed right over to target to check out what was on sale. They did have a ton of those shirts, but they also had tank tops. yayayayayayay! It’s Florida y’all, and it’s hot as heck out there. I grabbed some tank tops of the clearance rack and called it a day. .. Okay, actually then I went to the shoe section and got some water shoes from the little boys section.

I always feel bad when I get things from the kids section; like I’m stealing from a kid somehow. I can’t help it that the kids stuff is always cheaper. I got these bad boys for $8, I could have gotten pink from the womens section for $13. Let’s be honest, no one cares what color they are. They are ugly no matter what.


Uhm and yes, I have my feet kicked up in the air. I’m laying on the couch right now; in the dark. Leave me alone. It’s 6am.

I bought these for my “kayoga” adventure today, and also because we are going camping on an island in a few weeks and I need water shoes for that. Last time we went camping on this island I didn’t have water shoes and it was no bueno.

Oh, you want to see pictures of the tank tops I bought? Of course you do.


I could only use that much of the bed. There was laundry on the other side. Heaven forbid I fold it and put it away. We all know that isn’t happening.

When I got home I put on one of my new tank tops. {yah yah, I’m a weirdo that doesn’t wash shirts before wearing them.whatever} .. I laced up the ol’ running shoes and went out side….where I promptly melted onto the ground because it was so hot.

No, it actually wasn’t that hot yesterday. The sun was blinding, but there was a nice breeze so I managed to stay pretty cool.

Here is a very un-flattering picture of me in my new tank: don’t judge me.


I did three miles in my neighborhood. Not a lot to write about 3 miles. I started out easy since my knee has been so cranky lately. I cranked up the intensity with each mile and dang near killed my self bringin’ it home.


Oh hey last mile. I couldn’t breathe and I’m sure the people I ran past thought I was dying, but it felt good. At one point I looked @ my watch and it said 6:30. WHAT THE WHAT?! I don’t know how long it said that. I’m going to guess not very long because I would surely keel over and die at that speed for any amount of time. When I ran into the drive way Chris asked me If I was going to be okay? Lol. uhm yes.

I’m pretty sure my HR was at 500%. But it felt so good.


Now I’m off to go get ready for Kayoga. Oh boy, this should be interesting.


Happy Saturday Y’all


6 thoughts on “I can’t breathe, but it feels so good

  1. Hey…I have those blue shorts!
    I may have to stop by Target today…just to scoop out the tank tops, not a fan of the tshirts but I never have enough tanks!

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