Revisiting 2011 health goals

Good Morning, It’s Friday Friends! Whose Excited?


I thought I would do a post about how my health goals are going so far this year. It would be really lengthy if I went over every non-health goal I set as well. So, we’ll start with my health related goals:

Health Related Goals:

1. Run 850 miles: This averages out to about 71 miles a month. I think 850 is a safe goal. I hope to run more than that, but I’m not setting myself up for failure. I’m going to play it safe! Uhm. January 65, February 78, March (so far) 76. This is "good" for what I wanted. However, I’ve changed my goals for this year. Well, not really changed them, but realized that I’m capable of more than I was giving myself credit for. I’m going to be upping my weekly mileage. Maybe something like this:

M- 6
T- 4
W- 5
T- 6-8
S- 10/12

That comes out to 31 when I choose 6 and 10 .. 35 for 8 and 12. I will obviously have to try this plan to see how my body agree with running 4 days in a row. During this last training cycle I was running M/T/R/Sat – Or some variation of that. It came down to running 4 days, resting 3. I think I need to be running 5 days, resting 2.

This is my mileage for 2011 so far. I hope to add at least another 20 miles to March.. Maybe I should ad 24 to break 100 miles!! (That would be the most I’ve ever run in one month. That is so lame, right?)

2. PR @ all previous distances run: Current 5k PR: 24:28 DONE! PR 24:17!!!, Current 10k PR: 52:05 DONE! PR 50:32!!!, Current 15K PR: 1:22:55 DONE! PR 1:19:05 , Current Half-marathon PR: 1:57:50 DONE! PR 1:52:53 Well, I did PR at all distances. So, I suppose that goal is technically met. But, this goal is kind of never-ending. Now I have to break all those PR’s, right?

3. Train Harder: In 2010 I think I did the bare minimum to train for my bigger races. In 2011 I really want to take training more seriously. I have a training plan, so why don’t I follow it? Hopefully 2011 can be my year of training harder, and pull out some PRs to show for the more serious training. In the last few weeks/maybe the last month of this last training cycle I’d say I got more serious about training. Hm, think of what I could have done had I been more serious since January. It’s much easier to dedicate more time to running now that school is done. Now is my time.


What about you? How are your 2011 goals going? Have you already met some of your goals? Added new goals? Or realized that some of the goals you said were lofty and not going to happen?   There are some non-health goals that I set that probably aren’t going to happen this year. I’m not heartbroken over it. Other things took precedence. It happens.

Happy Friday Y’all!!


4 thoughts on “Revisiting 2011 health goals

  1. Nice job on all PRs this year!! I think you’re doing great. Good luck as you continue working towards all of them.

    I’m doing ok on my goals – getting more and more nervous as my first try at 26.2 gets closer.

  2. Jena, going into the spring/summer heat, upping it to 4 days, 25 miles is plenty. Going to 5 days now, might be a problem both mentally and physically. If your schedule allows, go for Mon, Tues, Thurs and Saturday. 6/3/6/10. Total of 25 miles. That will get you way past your anemic 850 annualized miles (“anemic” is a compliment as you are too talented to run just 17 miles a week). If you want some help with a schedule (ie. pacing) let me know and I can draft you something to look at and adjust to whatever suits you best. But your training should be aligned with whatever short and longer term fitness/race goals you have in store for yourself. Take care, David

  3. I’m chuckling at #2 – yep, that’s why racing is so addictive! You hit a PR and then immediately start thinking of ways to beat it. You’ve had a great year so far, even if you think you’ve undersold yourself a bit on goals. Although I also agree with David G that you have to take your “season” in to account – I’m not sure that upping your mileage as summer approaches is wise! I’m still getting used to the Southern racing seasons but it seems like the summer is very much a time for focusing on shorter races, if not taking time off altogether – at least that’s how it is here in NC.

    I think, if you have the chance, you should jump into short race – an all-comers track meet 3K or 1500 or even 800? It seems like you have decent leg speed, it would be fun to see where you are in some shorter stuff too!

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