Woohoo Wednesday!

It’s here friends, it really is, it’s Hump Day!  Hopefully that means you are just a few days away from your weekend. If your Chris, that means you just started your work week. Poor Babe. He works Wed-Sat. Sad smile   The only good thing about this schedule is that it gives me free reign of my Saturday’s. If I want to go to the beach, I can. If I want to go home to see family, I can. Not that he would ever tell me “No, you can’t go do those things.” But, I don’t feel like I’m neglecting him since he isn’t home. Make sense?

Anywho, this morning my Dad called me to tell me there was a “box of checks” in the mailbox. Weird. I didn’t order checks. Chris also told me that he checked the mail yesterday and there was nothing. Weird again.

I’m such a conspiracy theorist sometimes (don’t tell Chris, bc I totally make fun of him for being the same way)… so I’m like, “oh my gosh, what if someone put a bomb in my mailbox.” you know, because my neighbor hates us and all. (No, really, they do.) … “I better take my phone to the mailbox just incase I need to call Chris.” 

I am crazy.

Turns out It was the free beauty bag I signed up for at Target.com a few weeks ago. (they are out of bags, but you can still get coupons!) YAY!


In it came Nivea lotion, Pantene shampoo, coupons, Fekkai Shampoo & conditioner & Revlon hot pink lip gloss. Plus, that cute bag! Who doesn’t love a cute make-up bag!? Oh, and Neutrogena chapstick.

I stuck the chapstick & lotion in the bag and put it in my purse. Everything else went in my “travel” box.  I can’t be the only person that “collects” travel sized goodies from hotels, right?


Some is from hotels, some is from a bin at the dollar store. I got some stuff for  75 cents, SCORE! The weird thing is, I don’t even travel that often. I can see three things in there that I’ve had for 2 years (shame). I “got” them when we stayed at the J.W. Marriott in Orlando for our “mini-moon" after our wedding.

Do you take the hotel shampoo & conditioner? Is that considered stealing?


By the way, randomness of the day; Two days in a row someone has found my blog by the search terms, “When can I feed the baby Nilla wafers.”   what?

I have no idea when you can feed a baby nilla wafers, sorry.

So weird.


Incase you missed last night’s post (I posted pretty late), you can see it here.  Warning: There are pictures of palm trees & sunshine. If you are currently buried in snow, I’m sorry, you might not want to take a peak.    Heidi already yelled at me this morning Winking smile 

Happy Wednesday, Y’all if you are covered in snow, stay warm!


6 thoughts on “Woohoo Wednesday!

  1. Taking the shampoo & conditioner is a-okay because you paid for the room! I’ve mostly quit doing it though because I can be kind of a pack rat, and I’m trying to downsize 🙂

    I don’t know if I have the heart to look at the palm trees because we’ve got near blizzard conditions and 1/2 foot of snow already today. Enjoy the nice weather for me, m’kay?

  2. I totally have a travel box… you might have seen it under the sink in the guest bathroom when you were here. I like hoard them, why? No clue. It always seems like I have ten million shampoos and never enough conditioners.

  3. I take hotel lotion sometimes because I like to carry small bottles of lotion in my purse. I don’t take many hotel items because I am the most allergic person ever and usually the scent gives me a migraine.

    My weirdo collection: Chris is a baller who gets to fly international business class for work pretty often, so I do ask him to bring me all of the ear plugs and eye masks. I always sleep with ear plugs and sometimes an eye mask too, but I have yet to buy either.

  4. NOT stealing. They’re practically begging you to take it.

    We got a foot of snow here today. No joke. It took me 2 hours to get to work (I was half an hour late), and I’m working 12 hours today and tomorrow.

    I’m not gonna yell at ya because of your previous post, because I know I get to see that in less than 3 weeks! Although I wish I was there now!

  5. Oh sweet! I “signed up” for that Target bag. I hope mine comes soon too.

    I totally take hotel shamp/conditioner/lotion if it’s good stuff. I almost always take the lotion to keep in my purse, work locker, gym bag, etc.

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