Tropical Tuesdays

Sometimes you just need to go to the beach to relax and quiet your brain. Today was one of those day’s. I was feeling kind of lonely today; missing my family & friends.

After begging asking Chris to please go to Pine Island with me, he obliged.


trop tues 1

trop tues 2

trop tues 3

My brain quit thinking & just relaxed.

trop tues 4

trop tues 5

trop tues 7trop tues 6

Life is grand!


5 thoughts on “Tropical Tuesdays

  1. You and your awesome weather can suck it…you are in the middle of a winter thunderstorm! Snow, sleet, thunder and lightening! And “back home” (2 hrs east) is forecasted to get EIGHTEEN inches of snow! Insane…WI sucks this week!

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