Race Day prep LIBK style

Start my day with two super cute kids:


Go to the beach, and watch those kids play & hang out with my Sissy Love


Oh, don’t forget to drink lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of water. Followed by 2,304 trips to the bathroom to pee. {fun}

Then I take self portraits with the cutest nephew EVAH!

DSC02941(Oh hey look, I have all my teeth…and bags under my eyes)

Work on taking self-portraits:

DSC02944Lol… need to work on that fake smile huh?

Cook 1,200lbs of collard greens:


Make home-made tomato sauce for whole-wheat penne pasta


drink water.drink iced coffee.drink more water.

Make new playlist..



Good Night Friends! Good Luck to everyone that’s racing tomorrow!



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