Don’t feed the seagulls

Yesterday I  was grumpy mcgrumperson today. for realz.

I do know what caused my grumpyness, but I choose not to share it on the internet.

A twitter friend mentioned going to the beach when they got off and I thought this sounded like a faboosh idea.

Sadly I live about an hour from a “Real” beach like Clearwater or Honeymoon Island so I had to settle for Pine Island. It is on the Gulf, but it’s a park and it’s no where near as pretty as Clearwater.

Uhm, there were kids playing in the water right behind this sign. I guess the water in this area must be brackish. I don’t think alligators could live in salt water. can they?

Kinda ugly. The tide was low. There were quite a few kids out there running around screaming, which is the opposite of peaceful.

Stop feeding the seagulls you stupid teenagers.

Needless to say, the beach was less than peaceful. There was a lot of people there. I thought there might not be since it was a Tuesday and it was 6pm. WRONG.

There were a lot of obnoxious teenagers, screaming babies, and yelling kids. Oh, and the seagulls. Good grief the sea gulls were so loud. I like seagulls, I think they are part of the beach, but when teenagers are throwing food at them they get CUH-RAZY!

I left after an hour.

The only thing left to do to cure my crankiness:


DRINK!!  excuse the open cabinet back there..

One more picture just for fun:

uhm. I can not crop out all that stuff behind me. Trust me, I tried. I can’t blur it out and still have the whole bike in the picture. So, deal with it. This is what happens when you have 2 men in the house (and a 1700sq ft garage). One is a contractor, and the other just has a bunch of tools/ladders & stuff.

I drank 2.5 drinks and I was tipsy, and tired. I went to bed at 9pm. That is the earliest I’ve gone to bed in a good while. I woke up feeling better. I even talked to people on the elevator this morning. rare.



3 thoughts on “Don’t feed the seagulls

  1. There are plenty of gators here in the salt water along the bay. I suppose technically it’s brackish water where the river feeds out into the bay but it’s definitely more salty than fresh and I’ve only ever caught salt water fish from it.

    Glad today is better for you! I’m much less cranky as well. A tall beer and my weight in mango habanero chicken wings helped.

  2. Hey…you got to soak up some Vitamin D…thats a good thing. But I don’t like children or teens (I say as if I’m so much older and more mature than a teenager…) so I’d probably be gone in an hour too!

    Hope your Thursday is better…I know my Monday sucked the big one but by Wednesday I was loving life again!

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