LIBK Gas money saver!

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this post. You’ve been dying to know what new toy Chris went and bought this weekend, right? Just smile & nod, okay?


Welp, there she is. Our new motorcycle.

Tell me, is that what you thought we bought? (Carolyn, you don’t count, you already knew Smile)

I tried to record us getting Vera the Vulcan down off the trailer. It only recorded part of it then the card say it was out of memory. (That makes no sense, I just cleaned the card off ).


Chris will be driving this to and from work in an attempt to save money on gas. I know that the increased gas prices are taking a toll on everyone. The combination for increased gas prices and the increased mileage that Chris is driving daily has put a hurtin’ on our bank account. A noticeable decrease in $$ has really been stressing me out.

We’ve been talking about, (Well, Chris has been talking about) buying a bike for a few months now. He’s been scouring craigslist and motorcycle trader for a good deal on a bike.

Thankfully a friend was selling their bike and we were able to pay cash. Paying cash means there will be an actual savings since we did not finance. Financing would have been dumb; we would have been paying a bike payment+ gas for the bike + a truck payment. That = dumb. 

According to what I found on google this bike supposedly gets 50MPG, and it has a 4gal tank. (That seems so small). Chris will still have to fill up once a week, but it will be $20 instead of $80+.

We’ll see if this actually saves us some money. Let’s hope so. Smile


Happy Sunday Y’all

One thought on “LIBK Gas money saver!

  1. Thats going to make a huge difference as far as money goes! Just make him wear his helmet! Have fun with it!

    (I’m glad my Chris doesn’t blog…he would be all over this post as a reason to get himself a crotch rocket, which would do us no good considering we live in WI!)

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