Coming out of the closet.

I have a problem.

Actually, I have 5 problems.

My closets.

Every single one of them is a wreck. It’s embarrassing and unnecessary. 

Last month  Heidi @ Run-Around-Aroo challenged herself to get rid of clothes that she doesn’t wear. You can read all about her challenge on her blog. Basically she had to wear a different outfit every day and the things she didn’t wear got donated. I was seriously impressed. That girl has a ton of clothes!! At the end of the challenge she showed some pictures of her closet. SO ORGANIZED!

Then last week or so I was reading Meghann’s post about her move to Tampa and having to combine her clothes with her boyfriend’s clothes.

Her closet was SO organized afterwards. Ohmigosh. :::cue jealousy:::

My closet needs to get organized. Not being able to walk around in the walk-in closet was getting old. Clothes jammed in every nook and cranny was getting annoying. Something had to change. I’ve been thinking about cleaning out our closet for a while, but honestly, I knew it was going to take hours and I didn’t want to commit just yet.

Today was the day.

I took some before pictures last night.. Oh man. This is scary. Are you ready?




AH. There is very little rhyme or reason in there. Chris’ clothes are separated from my clothes, and my work clothes are separated from my other clothes, but that’s about it. Plus, there are clothes in there that I don’t wear.ever.

It seriously took about 4 hours to go through everything. I still need to get a few bins to store belts, swim suits, and running shorts in. I searched everywhere today for some, but I’m not paying $9 for one bin. crazyness.

Here’s the aftermath:

GW048049Those are all my shoes.

052Those are Chris’, plus 2 pairs of boots.
053I got rid of about 10 pairs of scrubs. I kept 5
054T-shirts & tank tops
050Chris works shirts & my work clothes
051Uh, I need to fold towels. They go on that empty rack.

It’s hard to take good pictures of the closet with out having super weird angles.

This is my next problem:


our “winter” closet. 90% of the jackets/sweaters/long sleeve shirts in here are mine. There are no winter clothes of any kind in our main closet.

062More jackets. different closet. Insanity.


Have I told you how much I hate folding clothes? Lol. That’s a pile of socks sitting on my dresser. I was trying to find matching ones. No such luck. Diva & Wyatt are sock monsters. Today alone they’ve eaten 2 different socks. jerks.

I’m working on my spring cleaning. Hopefully I’ll be done by winter.



In other news. Chris has been downstairs for 6hrs working on his new motorcycle.


So tell me, how often do you go through your clothes and get rid of stuff?

I got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved. Then while we were unpacking we had several boxes that went to Goodwill. So, this will be the 3rd time in less then a year that I’ve gotten rid of clothes/shoes. sad.


The weekend is over Y’all


5 thoughts on “Coming out of the closet.

  1. I need to do this big time. I keep the clothes that I wear in one closet and the ones that I don’t wear in a different closet. Um, why exactly am I storing those?

  2. You are all kinds of organized now! Be sure to count what you donate so you can write it off for taxes!

    Aside from my challenge we only clean out our closets when we move…which was three years ago.

    At least the motorcycle is keeping Chris out of your hair! 😉

  3. I took my clothes to a flea market in Pinellas Park and got $50 bucks for the good stuff, and the lady dontated the rest for me. It was a really good deal. If you haven’t donated them and you are in the area, you should check her out.

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