The soup

It’s no secret that I lurve me some soup. I’d eat soup for dinner every day if Chris would allow it.


We have the awesome(est) produce stand on the weekends by our house. He always has green peppers & tomatoes. A few weeks ago he had corn on the cob, and today he had squash (yum!). Plus, it’s super-duper-calla-fraga-listic-ex-pee-all-a-docious cheap.


Guess how much? ….Did you guess?


for all of it. That is cheap. It’s $3 for the tomatoes, $2 for the squash & $2 for the green peppers. Green peppers are $1.49/lb at the grocery store. Those peppers are pretty good sized too, they aren’t small by any means.

After I bought these yummy looking veggies I knew I had to make some soup for dinner.

I’ve been eyeing this soup from The Brick Kitchen for a week. Today I had plenty of time to make the soup so it was on like donkey kong.

I used her soup as inspiration but I added a ton of veggies and left some stuff out that she used in hers. I’ve been obsessed with veggies lately. I’ve been trying to eat them with every meal, and veggie soup is the –


Soup ingredients: All those veggies (not the bananas. )
32 oz. chicken broth
1/2 can tomato soup
2 cans of northern beans
3.5 cups water
garlic salt
onion powder
italian seasoning

Cooked in the crock pot for 3hrs on high.




Chris just got home with our new toy. He left last night and stayed with his fam in D-port. I hate staying by myself for that long. Ugh. The dogs bark at everything and I get all paranoid.

I didn’t want to talk about being home alone on twitter, FB, or here because you don’t know what kind of weirdos are following you. you hear that weirdos’ , chris is home.

I’ll post tomorrow about our new toy.

Also. My closet needs help.


More on that later too.

I think it’s almost my bed time, if I can just convince Chris to come upstairs.

Don’t forget, it’s daylight savings time tonight!!


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